Index finger

I must be part of a rare species of yoyoers that put the string on your index finger. Most people learn to put the yoyo on their middle finger so that’s become the norm. In my case, when I got my first yoyo I just put it on my index finger and never thought about it. By the time I came across Andre’s tutorials I didn’t feel like changing. I’ve been able to do every single trick that I’ve learned only with very minor adjustments. So my point is… why is it taught to put the string on your middle finger instead of your index, and is there anybody else like me?

It’s pretty uncommon, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Tyler Severance puts the slipknot on his pointer finger.

Because your index finger is essential for slack tricks and/or anything that involves pinching.

It will serouisly make some tricks hard, and a lot impossible if you don’t switch. If your okay with that, cool, but if you want to be able to do all tricks, i would suggest changing now.

OR. You would be wicked and throw möbius in the middle of 1A and go back and fourth.

I use my index finger. I don’t think yoyoing is any harder because of it. I that’s what you like and are most comfortable with stick with it.

I’ve not come across a trick I couldn’t learn. It’s hard to translate some tutorials but I can still learn them. I’ve even invented some tricks that are only possible by putting the string on you index finger! So if you want pick any trick(with a tutorial) that you think that I can’t do. If I can’t do it I will deeply consider switching but right now I don’t see a reason.

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Can you do the brother slack?

Yes. Yes I can, now I see where you’re coming from. All you have to do is pinch with your middle finger instead of your index. Like I said, I can do tricks with minor adjustments.

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Gonna have to go with YoBro on this one.

Personally, I almost never throw a yoyo with the string tied to my finger, I almost always have a counterweight in my hand. I’ve grown accustomed to having the counterweight in my hand over many years of practice.

As of today, I have not come across a single trick that I can’t do with a counterweight in my hand, and I’m sure the same applies to having the string on your pointer finger. It’ll take some fiddling and some creative spirit, but it certainly can be done.

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Thank you, this is exactly how I feel. It would be easier for me to switch to my middle finger but I am much more comfortable with it on my pointer. The “fiddling” is hard but I think it’s worth it ;D

It’s not that strange, Tyler Severance does it and I heard that’s why he can’t do seasick. But I tried using my index finger once and it felt kind of weird and it was hard to do a couple of mounts. Lol

Would be interested in seeing a string-on-index version of this rejection whip…

Xore I can do seasick it’s not very good but I can do it. I’m not sure why Tyler can’t do it maybe I’m doing it wrong.:stuck_out_tongue:
Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, you might have got me ;). I’ll work on it tomorrow. I haven’t dabbled in rejections so it could take me awhile. Thanks, this will be a really fun challenge!!!

Can you do Mach Whip?

I’m pretty sure Tyler can do seasick now.

I have my string on my middle finger. I see a lot of players put their slipknot near the top of their finger whereas I have mine at the base of my finger.

“Because middle finger is at the center of your hands, it would be the best part to place the string on.”
That’s probably what people were thinking. Since this has been some kind of ‘unwritten’ rule from the past (when yoyos were narrow and responsive) to teach people to yoyo by putting the string in their midfinger. However, there is nothing wrong in putting the string anywhere.
By the way, try looping.

yup, just put the string around your middle finger instead of your pointer ben :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a very good 2a player :frowning: I can only do the basic stuff like inside outside loops