Index finger

Here you guys goo

I hope i proved a point?

and NO i dont usually throw with my index finger

i can do all my tricks the same with either finger


Thank you :)! I was going to post a vid of me doing this but you already did it for me!!! ;D

I have had kids who learn on the index, or ring finger and do just as well as anybody else. When I teach I tell people middle is normal but if it feels correct on a differnt finger go with it. I use a knot around my finger for basicly only 2A, other then that I hold a dice. I don’t think there is really a need for you to tie it on your finger at all.

this is overdue… charles has one of the most unique styles IMO and he uses his index finger.

If anything it may force you to be more creative when figuring out/creating tricks. It forces you to find alternate ways to do certain tricks and i feel like thats good for development. You’re not just doing the same old stuff that everyone else is learning, you have to be creative or it wont work in some cases… i kinda want to try it out personally  :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow that’s cool I never realized that he used his index finger!! Under closer examination I noticed that he grabs the string when he does his tricks making the string come out from the bottom of his hand. This allows his index finger to be free making it possible to do normal string tricks. This is so cool because it’s even different from what I do!! I just substitute my middle finger in for my index. Thanks for sharing this!

hey no problem :wink: … im surprised no one else had mentioned him

Charles uses his index finger because he has had surgery on his hands. I don’t remember who said that but it’s true.

Zach Gormely said that Chuck had surgery on his hand in YouTube.

I’ve seen middle finger, index/pointer finger

personally, in 1A, I tie the string to my ring finger for some reason (well, I feel more comfortable this way as I use the 5A hold in 1A, it just seems to work better for some reason)

You normally use your middle finger because it’s centered over your forearm muscles making it the strongest finger on your hand. It’s also the safest on your joints because nothing gets torqued off to the side. I understand that that won’t matter to some people, but if you have bad joints, it’s something to think about. Because of its relation to your arm muscles, it’s where you can get the longest sleep times, also not something that would matter to most people, but you have to remember that when yoyos were newer, you had to throw pretty hard to get a good sleeper.
The main thing I do differently from some people is I play with my thumb instead of middle finger on my NTH for brother mounts and anything else rotating that direction.

I can definitely see that as an advantage. You can probably make some crazy chopstick combos like that!

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I don’t have the talent for those but yes, it feels like it gives a slight edge on throw hand chopsticks mounts. in general, it also feels that the string doesn’t get in the way as much.

when I loop (and my no means am I good at it, just playing every now and then) I use the middle finger, but the ring finger for 1A just feels right, mostly due to my throw and hold

the motion for the throw I use is also a bit different than your standard one

You can put the string wherever you want to.

ring finger:

the base of your middle finger:

pointer finger:



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Challenge accepted

I’d definitely avoid putting that slipknot around my neck ;D ;D ;D