Yoyo on my Index finger, is it a sin?

Ok Im gonna admit, Im kinda old school when it comes to yoyo’s. My father had a wooden yoyo that he made himself on a lathe. Of course, he showed me how to do some basic tricks like “Rock-the-Cradle” and “around-the-world”. The whole time, he taught me to use my index finger because the yoyo will be easyer to catch and hold… if you can imagine holding and throwing a yoyo like a Coin.

So I use my index finger and hold the yoyo like a coin and BAM I was through the beginner section of the yoyo tutorials. Now as I learn through the Intermediate section, I improvised by using my middle finger to do tricks like “split-the-atom” and “rip-cord”. Which by the way Im fairly comfortable.

But I peeked at the advanced section and saw tricks that would be difficult to do with the yoyo on your index finger. So I tryed to use my middle finger and I feel uncomfortable. Yea I can do tricks like before but it feels strange, and basic throws like a breakaway feel awkward.

When doing tricks that are perpendicular to your shoulders, I have an index finger variation. But I want to atleast know some that are Parallel to your shoulders. Like Slack trapeze, I use my index finger because I can throw a nice Breakaway, and thanks to samad, I can do a slack trapeze about 80% of my attemps.

My question is, do I deal with middle finger awkwardness and focus on that, or do I continue to simply just “Learn my own way”? Either way I’m learning, and I dont mind haveing to go back and relearn basics. :slight_smile:

Yeah…that kid’s silly.

Anyway, use what works best for you. Tyler Severance uses his index finger, as well as his middle. I suggest trying to adjust to the middle first, but if it doesnt work use what works best.


When i use my middle finger for some tricks, i do feel unconfortable somtimes. But, you not trying to do it, you have to do it to do the trick. Am i right?

Just try a way that feels best for you. I actually do both also.