👇The finger👆

Is it ok if I play yoyo on my index? If not, why?

Thank :grinning:

Its fine, but some tricks may be a little odd to learn. Chuck Haycock, for examle, yoyos with his index and he is fine. And i’ve even seen people use thier pinkies.


1 1/2 mount would be a horror…

It doesn’t really matter, I yoyo 1A style with a counterweight attached. I don’t seem to have a problem learning anything.
If you plan to use tutorials to learn everything then you may want to do the middle finger.

Yes, except during picture tricks.

If you put the string way down on your index finger, it might not be AS bad.

Same with split bottom mount.

I use my index and have no problems what so ever. I just use my thumb to move strings out of the way.

Nothing wrong with it. Play how you feel comfortable.

Actually, Charles uses his Index and Middle in the same loop.

Is index pointer or middle?? I use my middle finger (the tallest one) and now I’m confused…?

You are supposed to use your middle finger, but some people don’t. It’s not wrong, as long as you do what you think feels best

the pointer finger is also known as the index finger

Some people do a lot of weird things, just be aware you may have to compensate later, but it may also open up some other options, there’s been threads on it before, so yeah.

The only thing that matters is how comfortable it is for you. Some of the top players actually use their index finger. It’s all about personal preference, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. ;D

Actually, Charles uses his middle and ring in the same loop. You can see it up close in the cabin tutorials, or really any video, as it’s pretty noticeable.

Noobs, everyone knows you put the string on your tongue, duh :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember correctly, Tyler Severence throws with his index finger or has in the past.

Yeah he stopped.
I can’t see anything wrong with throwing with your index except learning from tutorials would be harder.

Who? To everyone saying Chuck does, no, he uses his ring and middle finger, which is very different than index and middle. He might have used his index for a while, but that was because he injured his hand. Tyler is one of the only ones i could think of, but he apparently doesn’t anymore. I know aznnboyaZ has posted some videos before showing tough tricks on his index like rejection whips, but he doesn’t usually throw on his index.

The more i think about it the more limiting i think it might be. No branding style tricks, just doesn’t seem worth it. Just tried it out some and it really limits your whip options, the ones where you wrap the string around your pointer and whip a segment around, even something like a basic 1.5 hook or mach whip is ridiculously tough.

Gonna change my opinion from earlier and say no, don’t do it, will be much harder to adjust later on. Can you do it? Sure. Is it ideal when you get more advanced? No. Having a free finger on each side of string is important for trick variety it seems. Unless you never plan on learning from a tutorial and only want to invent your own tricks, i’d say not to. Just my opinion.