In trouble with the law ...

Well, I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle. There are some pretty incriminating photos that were taken of a person who is allegedly me allegedly engaged in some illegal activities. I’m really not sure how to move forward at this point other than to just make public what evidence there already is. I’m not at this point ready to comment on what appears to be happening in these photos. This is really hard, let me tell you. So here they are.

I know it looks bad. It really does. But appearances are often deceiving. And sometimes the mind puts two and two together when there really isn’t anything to add up at all. I mean, finding a die and a drill in the hands of a man with a bandana covering his face doesn’t necessarily indicate wrongdoing …

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You’re going down buddy!

inb4 the lock.
CIA is on your tail.

Duncan called the cyber police man you’re about to get backtraced! Whoever that is dun goofed.

I’m really not at liberty to comment on who that may or may not be doing whatever it is that they appear to be doing.

Sooo much win here.

lol, nice!

EPIC WIN LOL Lovin the Gangsta’ bandana

Isn’t that just some guy drilling a hole in the garage floor, with some kinda plastic cube in the way? :wink:

Nope just a modern day speakeasy with an ice shortage, drilling ice cubes is a cheap way to make crushed ice :smiley:

im confused?in b4 the lock

this man is clearly making weighted die so he can control his dice rolls at casinos.

do you think everything is going to get locked? -.-

Exactly. The point here is that he (whoever he is) could be doing any number of things.

You’re really not helping. This is the kind of comment that will force whoever that is to flee to Mexico. Fortunately, that guys speaks Spanish … He might consider Canada, if only he spoke Canadian.

Win. :slight_smile:

Canadian is quite easy to learn, eh.

What is he drilling? Looks too small.

my guess is the duncan copyright? that guy was caught drilling a dice for 5a? Just a guess, because im pretty sure duncan copyrighted 5a or something like that? and this guy is caught making a dice for 5a?

But learning how many loonies and/or toonies it takes to, for example, sugar off, or buy a poutine, or when to wear your tuque … or what any of this means :-\