Weighted yo-yos illegal?

I was throwing at school the other day and someone’s parent came up to me and said weighted yo-yos are illegal in illinois. The only yo-yo i could find illegal in Illinois is a water yo-yo ball. Anyone shed a little light on this?

Ignore them, that’s all I have to say. A lot of parents think the know everything, when most of the time they just make themselves look like fools.

He sounded like a total idiot. He said he worked for the city of decatur or something. If they were illegal why would we be allowed to have yo-yo contests -.-

If they are, I’m doubting the police are enforcing that particular law.

I can see you running from the cops with your case on your BMX’s handlebars, chopper spotlighting your every move. You’ll never take me alive coppers! You can have my yoyos when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers!


That would be me though, NOBODY gets my yo-yos. ;D

I wish that would happen to me.

What is a “weighted” yoyo?

All yo-yo’s have weight. Would that mean only yo-yo’s that have zero weight are allowed?


Escort the individual back to the short school bus and make sure that their helmet is securely fastened.


Here’s a general life tip - most people don’t really know what they’re talking about.

The appropriate thing to do would be respectfully disagree with them, ignore them, at laugh at their ignorance and need to control other people.

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What is a water yoyo ball? and why are they illegal?

You should have told ‘someone’s’ parent that it is illegal in the State of Illinois to have children when you are so ignorant.

Also could have said,’ as part of the Homeland Security Special Extended Training Curriculum, that you have a Certificate to pack a Concealed loaded yoyo’.

You also could have told the parent that you got the yoyo as a gift from Haru Ray. The yoyo came with a Spirit in it. And the Spirit is overweight. Not your fault.

You should have challenged 'someone’s parent to do the right thing and call the Police immediately to come and arrest you. They might as well get your Execution over with.

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The parent was probably just some stupid/arrogant soccer mom/dad who think they know everything. Just forget about it. As far as im concerned, yoyos are legal in the USA.

They’re not actually yoyos.

Sounds like an adult trying to have the final say, hoping that kids will just accept their words as fact.

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dont listen to thoose soccer moms they always ruin the fun with their “im always right.” attitude.

Stupid adults, always trying to ruin our fun. ;D


This makes me rage a little. Some kid didn’t know better than wrap something around his neck and now they’re deemed dangerous and lobbied to be illegal. I say, enjoy bikes and skateboards before some mother triesto get them banned cause her poofie thought a pole is a good enough cushion…

how stupid people can be especially parents who don’t know what a Yoyo is or a water Yoyo which is completely different.

No, she knows the difference, she’s just trying to force her image of the world onto others.

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