Anyone in Illinois?

Anyone in Illinois. Hopefully in southwestern Illinois near St. Louis? I’d like to meet throwers near me lol.

im in chitown

Is that the same as Chicago? That’s about a 5 hr drive for me.

lol yes chicago

So I guess ur going to Illinois state on November 23?

In suburbs of chicago

Edit:ill be at il state for dure. Sad no triple crown but I understand andre’s desicion

Two of us in Edwardsville.

Awesome! Who’s the other?

what are state yoyo contests like?

State contests are great… Actually all contests are great… Any time u get a good number of yoyoers in a room its a good time…

do they havebooths and sell stuff at state yoyo contests?

Depends on which one… I have been to three. MA, RI and NH. All of them had several vendors there. And ALL three had YYE… Actually all u need is YYE… hehe

Ye there is a thrower in sesser ME :slight_smile:

dude I already knew you wer there!

letting everyone else know

Ok lol