Illinois states?

I would really like to go down there this year and my parents said they could take me but all I really know about the contest is what it says here.

And that doesn’t really look like its been updated recently so if any of you guys know anything else about this contest then post it below.


You could look on their facebook page. I know you usually do the amateur freestyle. but I don’t think they have it because they didn’t have it last year (I was there).


I think I’m gonna try 1A

When and where? We have no contests in Kentucky where I’m from. Will there be vendors there?

The contest is November 22nd and its on navy pier

Thats about all I know.

The 2014 Illinois State YoYo Contest will be on November 22nd not ON Navy Pier, but inside during the Toy and Game Fair. It’ll be my third year going, and it’s always a great contest. The divisions will be 1A (prelims), Dual (2A,3A), and Aerial (4A,5A), along with sport ladder. Usually, the only vendor is Cat and Mouse Toy Store (, but they have yoyos of different brands. I guess you could say it’s like a smaller collection of YoYoExpert.