2012 Illinois State Yoyo Contest


This years Illinois State Yo-yo Contest is shaping up to be a fantastic contest. More information will be coming within the next bit, but here are some details to start with.

Illinois State Yo-yo Contest
Saturday, November 17, 2012
Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier

I will try and keep you posted, but as last year, the Facebook page is usually the most up to date.

(Owen) #2

Whos going this year?

I might be there


When is it?

I’d love to drive down from michigan.

(Owen) #4


(NotATyrant) #5

Does anyone know if there’s an amater division during Chicago state? I might want to compete…


Yes there is

(Owen) #7

I’ll be there! Maybe… Hopefully… Probably…

Hey Big Yoyo! Will you be there?


Saturday November 17, 2012


There’s pro and a sports ladder also a sport freestyle!


Hey Guys! I have an update for you all!

Illinois State Yo-yo Contest
Saturday, November 17, 2012
Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier

-sports ladder
-sports freestyle.

*If you compete in any of the “Sports Divisions” you may not enter the other divisions and vice versa!

online registration will be going live within the next week or two, and preregistation will get you in the fair at no charge. (more to come on this topic!)

Get updates first on



Ill definitely be there :slight_smile:

(NotATyrant) #12

Count me in!!!


Quick update.

One Drop yoyo’s and Yomega have agreed to sponsor! ill try and update whenever i can!


Pre-Registration is up! if you pre-register (Competitors only!) you get access to the fair for free, as well compete.

This year all competitors get to compete for free! although anyone else will have to pay. there will be some coupons for reduced fare to the fair.


you better


One Week Away! I hope too see you all there! We open @ 10am, plan to be there till around 4:30 or so. Which isnt hard, your at the Chicago toy and game fair!

Update, Current Sponsor list, & after party
-Current Sponsors-

One Drop
Ten Yoyo
Cat & Mouse Game Store

-After Party-
The rooftop after party is good to go! Dinner reservations on the roof are at 6:00pm at the Plymouth Restaurant Bar located at 327 S Plymouth CT Chicago, IL 60604.

Parking is $6 about a block away from the restaurant (318 S Federal)

Let us know if you have any questions. This looks like a great place to top it all off! Look forward to seeing everyone there!



What is the best way to bring our music?

If I just have it in my iPod, will that work?

(Chase Baxter) #18

I’ll be there, competing in all the freestyle divisions :slight_smile:


I am going and want to throw in it but I do not know if I am good enough lol. I don’t know if they have beginner intermediate advanced.


@jakeElliott - CD’s are the best. Ipods/phones are acceptable but we are not responsible if lost or stolen

@RandySavage - There are two difficulties, Sport, and Pro, Each with sub Divisions, you can get more info on the website (http://ilyoyocontest.com/)