The Official New Illinois State Yoyo Contest Thread


This the new Official Tread of the Illinois state yoyo contest we still need a few things but this is it

We need Judges if interested or if you have any questions send me an email

here is our facebook page

and the Official Website
(the contents of this site may change)


Still Searching for judges, My friend Casey (From the band Officer Negative) is going to help me he works for one of the guys from Anti-Yo(i think thats what company it was…). everything is falling together


Well, probably next year, Illinois State yoyo contest MAY be at Chi:TaG which you’d get free admission, thats in the works, i have a few sponsorships going. what i really need is judges, it may come down to having a few people i know do it, who have some ideas how judging comps. work (not yoyo) if interested in judging or have some questions, comments or just want to say hi please contact me.

Also Add:Phone number to contact(its linked to the gmail above) 773-609-ILYO


ALMOST THERE! i got the judges, if anyone is interested still, let me know and they can have my judge spot



its taken a loong time, but its here! registry is from 12-1 feel free to come a little early. there will be food to buy there and locally and right next door is a skate cafe!


‎1A winners:
1st place- Kevin Hunang
2nd place- Ian Johnson
3rd place-Nehmiah Peterson

X Division :
1st Place-Yu Tsumura
2nd Place-Ian Johnson
3rd Place-Ajaz Arair (AJ)

Congratulations Everybody!!! See you next year!


cool! i’ll try to make it next year. ;D