what if yoyoing became illegal?


what would you or your friends do would you rebel or give up?



Edit: Or should I say STRINGLOOSE


Call for a violation of the second amendment.


I’d give the president the stink eye.


Making certain activities illegal doesn’t really stop people from doing them. So even if it was suddenly against the law to do so, people would still throw yo-yos.


Change the things name to return tops


I’d become an underground dealer. I’d be sneaking bearings and string through customs using questionable means (nature’s pocket) and selling it in back alleys at a ridiculous mark-up.

If course I’d be ‘cutting’ the strings with cotton and telling people they’re 100% poly, as well as diluting the lube with water. Guy’s gotta make a profit right?


We’d have to be even more cautious in the BST, watching out for not just scammers and flakes, but undercover FBI agents.


No then it’s time to go into the deep web!


I’d steal a return top that’s SPYY or CLYW so it’s technically not a yoyo


Americans always think the US is the center of the world.


Well, you see,sir, since there is no one world order as of now, it’s kind of hard to make yoyos illegal universally. Abby happens to be an American, so she would give her national leader the stink eye. If Canada banned yoyos, how could an American rebel in their own country or even care?!


Americans really seem to like CLYW (for some reason), but I’m pretty sure the UN can ban things world wide.


Using a metal tipped spin top on a sidewalk is illegal in my town. So. Like. Walking the dog…


Things like drugs become illegal so the government can monopolize the selling and make the price 100 times what it would be if legal. making something illegal never cuts the demand it just tAkes away quality control and creates black markets.

So if yoyoing became illegal it would cost $100 for a Duncan butterfly, thousands for a clyw tons of knock offs gahah. string would cost $10 each and you would need a reliable non shady “string dealer” so you can be sure you are getting new ones and not used dirty ones, after all they are 10 dollars each!!! Hahaha






Most my friends that throw are stoners, so I don’t think it would be unusual territory for them.


unless they live here in WA or Colorado. Where its legal now! Idk how some people like that stuff though! It freaks me out hahaha


I thought stoning was outlawed a while back.