I'm trying my hand at photography. I want your opinion

Tell me what you think.

I like it :slight_smile:

Great Picture Quality, but focus more on trying to take pictures in different places and unique places. In a tree? In the Grass? Or other unique places you can think of. :slight_smile:

Look up composition techniques, learn about leading the viewer’s eyes to your subject, rather than placing your subject in the center of the frame. You’ve got the equipment and the desire–you can do this!

What do you mean by composition techniques?

Love the shots! The R2 shot probably could have used a bit more front on lighting but otherwise, great stuff =)

Composition pretty much refers to how you frame the shot, what’s in it, where the things in the shot are in relation to each other, the angle etc. You can use certain objects placed at certain angles to lead the viewer’s eye to the subject of the photo. Don’t worry too much about the science of it. Just keep snapping away, experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.


Thanks! It’s kind of funny, I used to be really into photography three years ago. I got back into it a few days ago because I was bored. But it’s turning into another creative outlet. I will try to get more interesting pictures tomorrow.

Give some motion videos a go. If the lighting is good enough, you can really crank up the shutter speed and get some great shots of strings in flight.


I’m going to try shooting some videos once I get better with the camera. It’s was my mom’s, so I never really had the chance the understand all of the complexities.

Good shots!

Unless  you were trying for the shadow in front on some, try putting the sun at your back for the front lighting.  Read that somewhere before?  Also the last hour of daylight they call the ‘magic hour’ because of the softer effect it can have on photo’s.  That hour might yield some good shots?

As for composition, try the rule of thirds.  I found a decent description for another thread here:

Simple idea to put into practice and see what you think.  Like they say, learn the rule to break it better!  :slight_smile:

Yup. Rule of thirds. My favourite rule to break, but so helpful while working on composition.

Photography is all about light, though. If you don’t have good light or good absence of light, you have nothing. A shot with interesting composition and horrifying lighting will undoubtedly produce a forgettable image.

Try using a piece of white paper or styrofoam to reflect sunlight onto your subject. The best way to use the light is to stand with your back to the sun and shoot the yoyo in front of you. This makes the yoyo front lit, then use your paper to the rear corner of the yoyo (but not visible in the frame) to reflect concentrated light onto the edge of the yoyo to separate it from your background. Personally, I like straight lines for composition. Don’t be afraid to rest the camera on something to keep it still or a tripod if you have one available.

I drew up a quick diagram on my phone which might help.

Rule of thirds rules.

this ^^^
You don’t want shadows on the face of your subject matter (the yoyos). Never look into the sun. That’s just good advice all the time. :wink:

NO! I rarely use rule of thirds. It’s not even a rule, its a guideline for noobs. Take what looks good, and is interesting to you, don’t listen to anyone saying you need to follow this rule of photography, or that one. use this as an example. I took this picture, and its underexposed. People keep telling me this, when I intentionally underexposed it. Why? To give it a darker feel. It is an Evil Yo after all.

Now, I’m not saying you should never follow guidelines, but you should always consider breaking them. How else does one make good art?

Didn’t it say “favourite rule to break”?

“noobs” he says…

I was actually talking to logi. He said the rule of thirds “Rules”.

Not bad . Try and work on your composition and get creative with how you pose your yoyo’s too. Remember to always pay attention to where the light is falling on your subject. :slight_smile: Very sharp though i like em. Nice throws mate :smiley:

Everyone already said it, but composition is very important. If you don’t catch someone’s eye within a second, you’ve already lost. Photos seem really flat. Straight on. No depth. Stuff like that I find no fun. But if that was the look you were going for, do your thing. No rules in photography. If you’re jolly with what you got, flow with it.

Good, but repetitive. Try foreground and background shots, different angles, different camera angles, perspective, and lighting.