Starting photography


finally got a high quality camera expect some pics and videos soon:) Also figured how to hyperlink thanks to link’s guide in unrelated section here is my favorite shot from today


How timely! Thanks to TA in a similar thread, my interest in photography has really eaten up a lot of my time recently. I started with a cheap sanyo point and shoot that had a dead battery from 5 years on the shelf. Well, yesterday Canada Post delivered to me a Canon T4i with a 18-135mm lens. Overwhelming @ 1st but I’m starting to “get” it. Anyways, I just did this: a few minutes ago, then found your thread. Great fun!


wow the flowers really compliment the berry berry colorway! I’m starting on a Nikon coolpix S570. it gets the job done and I updated and posted all my BST pics which was long overdue.

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Thanks, I was too chicken to get creative so, I left the camera on autopilot. Maybe I’ll go back @ sunset and give another try. Ang yes…yoyos do make the “best subjects”!

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just remember, with pictures, a simplistic background is always better! I love this man, and I can’t wait to see how your pictures turn out!! :slight_smile:


If weather is nice tomorrow Im going to try some other stuff. pulled out my photography notes from a class i took last year so should be good


Just do a google “rule of thirds” wrt to photography. That’ll help yo big tyme when it comes to photo composition.


Those are awesome, especially the second one, the colors really compliment each other. I don’t like the first one as much because the yoyos seem to be tipping every which way, they don’t seem quite unified.


I know rule of thirds but i like the leading lines bringing the eyes to the smooth move in the middle

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When the yoyo is that small in your picture, don’t follow rule of thirds. You want it off-center for sure, but not that much.


Point taken. That pic was taken in RAW then cropped in Photoshop. Maybe I’ll zoom in again on the og RAW pic and recropp it slightly off center.


new pics added bump


DId you make that melted crayon canvas thing? It looks very cool either way! I think you should get a bunch of colors of yoyos and put them on that.


And yes I did make the crayon thing. It’s really fun you hot glue a bunch of crayons on a canvas and take a hair dryer of newspaper and melt the crayons it’s a lot of fun. Ill try to get all the colors of the rainbow an work from there. I think I have enough I’ll look

Edit:only need orange

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Off topic, but what yoyo is that on the Melted Crayon canvas? Looks cool :slight_smile:


I see you didn’t bother to strip your crayons of their paper.


The crayons stay. and the yoyo is a god tricks bounty hunter and it lives up to its name!