I'm trying my hand at photography. I want your opinion


Exposure on the last one should’ve been higher… I’d say try and vary things. Put the yoyo in different places, at different angles. Otherwise they look good!

Well, even if you off enter it as much as you did in that photo, it looks better then the ceter.

They are pretty good. I like the Code 1 on top the best.

Nice! If you dont all ready download vscocam on your phone/ipod and use that to take pics its a great app

The most important thing in a photograph is the quality of light. The photos that you see with a huge light source pointed right at the lens make for a distracting image. I am no longer looking at the yoyo, I am looking away to avoid the light. The rule of thirds is an excellent place to start and people who believe otherwise are imposing their own experience on someone else. If you know what works, use it. If you’re struggling to figure out how to improve composition, use the Rule.

In the guitar photo, it is very underexposed. The guitar string has a very interesting composition, it just needs better light. Try removing the yoyo string to clean up the composition and shoot the same scene next to a large window at about 4-5 in the evening. The lighting will be soft and pleasing at this time. if you want some edge light on the shadow side (away from the window) put a piece of aluminum foil just out of the frame to reflect a harsh light along the rim of the yoyo. You now have a bare rim light. If you want to go a little softer, a piece of printer paper will soften the shadows (lower the contrast between lights and darks) I would play around with a number of different set ups. Be careful that you don’t lose the guitar in the shadow.

I read this forum with great interest as I used to be a photojournalist for many years, but aside from light quality, the one thing I can guarantee you is that the resolving quality of your camera is probably the least important variable in making a good image. If the lighting is good, even an iPhone photo can make the cover of any magazine or newspaper in the world.

I hope you don’t mind, but I just thought I would have a little fun with your photo. I think it just inspired me to see what I could give to it with a few minutes of editing.

Just messin around, to show that the “Rule Of Thirds” can be dealt with by changing what your eye focuses on when you first look at the shot.

I’d like to give a piece of advice for photography, a VERY important one.

Aperture , Shutter Speed, and ISO.

Learn to master these, don’t shoot on automatic.