If you could make a re-run of any yoyo, which yoyo would it be?

(shubham) #41


I like this Dark Magic II Acid Frog Edition from YoYoExpert.Com. It’s so stylish.


The Yyf Superstar Pivot. I got one in the mystery box and love it and regret not getting one of the black editions that yye had available. It should have been a regular run throw.

(shubham) #43

i guess this yoyo was launched in 2016. and is a competition model yoyo.


Yea i missed out on the b grade and black runs of the Superstar Pivot but my friend sold me his and i’m forever grateful

(Justin Thompson) #45

2007 888

(Victor) #46

I vote Ti5 by 3YO3, just because I want to try it, and I can’t find it anywhere.


MarkMont Next

(Ken) #48

Og Borealis.


Kickside but I am biased.


I concur…


({John15}) #51

I would also like an OG 888… with rice stacks

(Justin Thompson) #52

I concur with Dr Smileypants: OG 888 with ricestacks.


Citizen has been acquired, so my next choice would be the Oxygen Syzygy.


ILYY Batman Noctu. Candy Blast finish is a must.

(Levi Neal) #55

Almost as pretty as the all blue. The candy blue fits the noctu so we’ll.


The Racing Stripes version was cool too but not Candy Blast.

(Ken) #57

Ti Walker!

(Levi Neal) #58

I haven’t seen that before do you have a pic?


The Luchador. A modernized Luchador would be my ultimate throw.


Not my pic btw. Laser engraved.

On a side note, EVERYONE bug ILYY to make the Noctu again, they’re already thinking about it.