If You Could Have Only One Bimetal

She’s a beaut . Specs look like fun too. I love the comfortable looking shape


Agreed 102%

I love that aerodynamic hand friendly shape.

Some yo-yo shapes are simply uncomfortable and some literally look like paint scrapers.

And some people try to justify the ‘mechanical shapes’ by saying, ‘But it plays really good’.

No need to try and justify a non user friendly shape by saying it plays well.

Much better to lean towards shapes like the BiPuffin where you can speak positive about the higher performance in a shape you don’t have to ‘deal with’. In a shape that you can enjoy.

That gap view looks absolutely Superb.


That is interesting, what is a bimetel yo that people have to “deal with”?


The following is what I mean by a shape people have to ‘deal with’.

Let’s say… a yoyo plays very, very well. Let’s say you actually Love the way it plays. Let’s say it plays better than just about any yoyo you have ever owned or thrown in your life.

Now, let’s say that particular has a few little drawbacks. Maybe it is an ‘undercut’ yoyo. And the shape is such, that when you catch it on a medium to hard comeback, the yoyo SMACKS YOU🙀 Right in the middle finger joint. So you have to adapt your catch by cupping your hand in such a way to absorb the impact with your index/ring finger areas to soften the blow to your middle finger. < it works ok… it you had to adapt to deal with the shape…

Let’s say you have a yoyo that is AWESOME for horizontal. It is a near perfect V shape with excellent weight distribution perfect for horizontal tricks. But the rims on the yoyo are sharp enough to require a Concealed Carry permit. The rims are sharp enough to grate Parmesan cheese. The rims are sharp enough to help you on your journey to discover exactly what your Blood type is. The rims are sharp enough to make you feel a certain level of unnecessary Danger. Because one moment of miscalculation and you are asking your Mom the best way to get blood out of a white T-shirt.

The yoyo is a Great player. And it might be beautiful. But there is absolutely no justifiable reason the rims need to be battle ready sharp.

But you love the play qualities otherwise… so you ‘deal with the shape’.

Palli’s gap view of the BiPuffin shows a Superb shape that appears very aerodynamic and ergonomic and user friendly. So that shape is a high performance shape that people will be able to enjoy. And not a shape people will have to ‘deal with’.

PS… you ever get a pair of shoes because they look great and All your friends wear them? But sadly they are too narrow in the toebox area and none of you guys really think they are very comfortable? So you all continue to wear the shoes anyway. And just deal with the shape. When it’s actually a better idea to get better fitting shoes and just deal with the price, lol.


Ha what a perfect response! Thank you for that, I def get it now. I hear that the Orbital GTX might be one of the yoyos you have to deal with when I think about it like that… but it looks awesome! I dont have a grasshopper gtx so the orbital gtx kinda looks more interesting to me but it def doesn’t seem as popular.


is this just a prototype right now?


It’s currently in production, expecting to release mid April. :slight_smile:


The peregrine by far for me. Hopefully you guys can get this exact colorway soon. :wink:


That’s real tempting… guess I’ll have to wait to see whether this drops before a sengoku samurai restock (but a colorway this nice won’t stay in stock very long :joy:)


I was wondering when the Peregrine would turn up, altought The Hummingbird is an amazing throw I guess I would pick Peregrine between both.


The production is finished and our team is contacting retailers worldwide especially yoyoexpert right now. Hopefully we get an early April release.


Hey @Mazdarx7FD, any chance for the Peregrine Titanium super master blaster edition? :relaxed:


I have no idea what you just asked for but I’m all for it cause it sounds ridiculous :+1:


how does it play?


Why not the hummingbird? It’s your profile picture haha


I really enjoy the hummingbird- and I really like that picture I took lol. But I prefer the shaqshine FG


This is exciting! The puffin was my first clyw, and I wound up collecting examples of every revision. The BiPuffin looks amazing and is going on my must buy list. I’ve been very impressed by your other recent yoyos, no doubt I’m going to love this one.




I’m selling mine interested

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Outliet 2! Why is this yoyo so underrated!?