If you could go back to the beginning


I don’t think I would change anything. I suppose I would like to go back to the two times I yoyoed for a little while in the past (late 90s and then around 2011/2012) and would tell myself to not lose interest. I think I am in for good now, I have never enjoyed yoyo in the past as much as I do now, maybe it is an age thing

(Justin Thompson) #62

If I could go back to when I bought a first run SB2, I wouldve bought the Turbo Bumblebee on the next page.


I would go back to my middle school self in the late 90s and tell me to buy replacement strings instead of asking for a new yoyo whenever my string would break.

(ChrisFrancz) #64

In the mid-70’s I tried making a new string for my Duncan Butterfly by tying rubberbands together.