If I Were A Yoyo, Where Would I Hide?

Hey guys,
I lost my Grind Machine some time ago so I started this “if I were a yoyo, where would I hide?” thread so you guys can help me by guessing where it could possibly be.

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Check the pudding, ALL the pudding. DOnt have any? Its there, just hiding with the yoyo

In your sock drawer, or under the car seat.

  1. I don’t have a sock drawer. 2. I just checked my SUV probably better than the FBI would. I have to go check my car now…

My car is a mess…
But no Grind Machine… :frowning:

Under the bed?

Under things.

That’s where I always lose all my small stuff including yo-yos. Just go into your room and start flipping things like crazy.

Ok, I’ll try that. (I already checked under my bed.)

check in the corners of your rooms. mines like to roll there, and play hide-n-seek.

The fridge? I left my Dietz in there once while getting a midnight snack haha.

Someday, about 20 years from now when your parents move out of the house, it will turn up in an obvious place, so just have patience.

It might be inside the iguana…

you know where i lose things, on tables or in the middle of chairs or sitting any other OBSCENELY OBVIOUS place… thats where my yoyos hide. They are like ninjas, hiding in plainm site, and somehow i miss seeing them

Can we have built-in yo-yo alarms? So when we misplace them or someone tries to steal them,we just press the button(each button would have a label)and we’ve be able to find it? Technology peoples,we should use it…

Probably under the couch or in plain sight. And if not that maybe in a laptop bag or pants pockets.

top drawer of underneath where you place your throws… they always end up there for me… hamper and under my bed lol

An old jacket pocket.

I got my couch after I lost it,(it’s a new couch).

I’m going to go check the corner of my room behind the tv.

See, that’d be good to invent BEFORE I lost it…