I know random, but I have no place to celebrate and my wife thinks I’m a dork so I just thought I’d come on here and let everyone know that I found my protostar buried under my bed! What a happy day! lol.

I found my G5 in the refrigerator once.

To this day I have no idea how it got there.

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i know the feeling, my girlfriend thinks i’m a loser for making her watch the my little pony
show and for yoyoing in general, but she still stays with me?, also i once found my big deal ( unswered) in a bowl of cereal the hard way i was chewing and i just tasted metal , my little bro put it there…i was frustrated!

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My kid lost his BRAIN, just in time for school too.

Maybe he’ll find it soon. The yoyo that is.


“Where’s the milk?”

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“Next to the cream”

“Well I can’t find the cream either!”

“It’s behind the wasabi!”

Etc. Etc.