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Ok, so whenever i go out I almost always have a yoyo in my pocket. I usually don’t use it, but still, it’s there in my pocket. So last night, my family went out to dinner with some relatives, and I just didn’t happen to bring a yoyo. So the whole way to the restaurant, I kept thinking, “Oh no! I lost my yoyo!” because I didn’t feel anything in my pocket. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?


Happened once when I went to school. Thought I lost my throw in school, but when I got home it was on my bed waiting for me


Never had that happen but I do find that when I don’t have a yoyo in my pocket, I feel empty, much like if I left my cell phone or wallet behind.


No really.

My wife likes to hide things. She calls it “put away”. Then I ask “then where is it” and she says “I don’t know”. Clearly out definitions differ.

I got tired of playing the “search for the hairbrush” game so I took some string and TIED the hairbrush(It has a hole in the handle for hanging off a peg) to the knob on a drawer to make a point. She made another point: she cut the string and hid the brush with the string still attached to it.

I gotta go hide the scissors…

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This happens to me ALL THE TIME. one time i spent all day looking for my yoyo, and it turned out it was in my yoyo case


I turned my house upside down looking for my purple Messiah once.
Turns out it was in it’s box on my dresser.


I have spent around 10-20 minutes looking for some thing when it turned out that it was In my hand the whe time.


^ I did that, I was looking for my phone. I was at a friends house and I was freaking out. I was like " Where is my phone?! My mom is gonna kill me if I lose it!" my friend was looking at me silently when lifted my hands to do a hand motion and I realized it was in my hand. Ya, embarrassing.


this happen to me too



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Oh yes (to the tearing up the room looking for something, hehe). I have purposely left my yoyo at home and still felt wierd without it in my pocket as well.


^When I was about 6 years old, my mom was a sale person at American Family Fitness, and my older sister and I had to come to work with her everyday, and we were basically allowed to walk around wherever we wanted. One time, I was bored, so I went in my mom’s office to get a notepad and a pen. Then, I went to the Kid Zone to draw. I thought I put it down somewhere, so I looked threw the whole building trying to find it. I looked in the cafe, the offices, the lobby, even the swimming pool area. Eventually I just gave up, looked down and it was in my hand the whole time.
Yeah… :stuck_out_tongue: