Feeling naked.


I forgot my throw at home today and it is making me feel naked. Just like if i forgot my wallet or keys. Ahhh, I just want to throw!!! Lol.

(SR) #2

I know that feel bro.



Indeed, that large circular lump on my left thigh makes up a strangely large amount of my identity. If I don’t have a throw on me it makes me feel like I forgot something, as if, like you said, I was naked.

Heck, even walking around my house I usually have a YoYo on me, because it feels so strange to not have one in my pocket.

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I always have a yoyo and holster in my pile of effects, keys, wallet, etc., so I can grab it all before I walk out the door. I too hate it when part of my appearance and lifestyle is missing.


Son, I say son, I always keep a couple of spares in my car and office for just such an emergency.

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I forgot my clothes at home today and…


My yo-yos are scattered throughout my house so when it’s time to go, you KNOW what i got with me.


This picture’s better


I think it helps if we have an actual holder of sorts. My yoyo holder(not YYE) is on me with a specific yoyo on it whenever I leave the house. More often than not, my YYE medium bag is also on me, full of yoyos.


Yeah, I drive a black and yellow MINI Cooper S. I have a matching black and yellow Northstar hanging from the rearview just in case I somehow end up without a yoyo in my pocket. Never forget!


Get the sOMEThING V… hot looking yellow throw with black caps!


I’ve definitely thought about it! Have you thrown one? They look awesome.


This ^, this is awesome. At one point I had a deck of cards in every room of my house, so i could pick one up play with it, then move onto the next room. I am a magician as well as I do flourishes, before it was cool!, so cards are my best buds!



I went to get a new tatto last friday, didnt bring a throw, ened up going to visit my mom all weekend until earlier today when i got home… i went through withdrawals man… so when i got home i made a video :smiley:

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Am I the only person that got this reference?




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Yes bro. Yes.