IDK what to do...


So, around a month and a half ago, I decided to trade djbcide my minty mint Chief and $20 for his mint Copper Pot Arctic Circle. Since he had around 25 ish positive trade count, I believed him when he said he had it but couldn’t take pictures. I shipped a day after the agreement. He said a few days later that he had to go fill in for his manager or something, and promised that his fiancee was going to ship on the Friday he told me this. He hasn’t been on since June 9th, and I’m worried he either scammed me, or him/ his fiancee just forgot about shipping. What should I do?


weren’t u doing a similar thing to glorystomper? in the end u and glorystomper both got ur throws, but this is a similar situation, i would just wait…


Just wait. He is legit.


Yea but it happened within a week or so


okay well all u can do is be patient! He has 25 positive feedback and will hopefully get back to u soon!


Hmm, it seems like the only thing to do… okay. :-\


He will get it to you. Don’t worry. I bought a couple of yoyos from him and he was very reliable.


I don’t understand why some take their time in trades. What’s the problem to send it right away?


:’( the trade is off. He is sending my Chief asap…idk when that is or how long I could stand it


Can I borrow your chief next? I am sorry and was kidding. Trading is just that follow the rules and all is well. Hope it “returns” to you on the same condition.


Still waiting


months later… Still waiting. Does anybody have his contact information and is brave enough to contact him for me?


Contact a Mod.






this doesn’t look good.

May have to do some research to get his phone number, then you can talk it out.


I contacted 2 mods yesterday @ around 11:00 PM Western time.

mgodinez and jhb?


Have they responded?

You can contact Ichtus too, also Yoyoexpert on this, all are nice and will try to help.


no, not yet. I will ask all the mods using ‘Cc:’ to make things easier.




theres always the possiblity of a family emergency… good luck though!