About 3 weeks ago I traded my CLYW Yeti and my SWYYC Rockefeller for his chief, I sent my throws first since I had the lesser feedback and provided him with tracking. Tommy_tman said he had sent the chief but conveniently lost the receipt with the tracking number on it. A few days later he said it was delivered to my house, I was out of town at the time so I called my mom and asked her and she said I received no packages. I sent Tommy_tman that I didn’t receive and he said he would send my throws back. I checked his instagram and he still had the chief and was trying to sell it! And I am member of a Facebook bst and another member(Jesse Singh) had the Rockefeller I traded to Tommy_tman. I don’t think I will get the chief but I would really like too. Here is a link to the instagram picture

Sorted everything out with tommy

Ummm the picture is a month old…

if you look at the comments he said it was still for trade 22 hours ago

I worked out a trade with tommy_tman and without any notice he just never shipped and dropped out of contact, glad I didn’t ship first

I just made a trade with him and it went perfectly
I asked him to ship first and he did

The throw just came today

I did a trade with him maybe 2 weeks ago and it went fine with tommy. He shipped first and it all worked out

Tommy_tman is online right now. I sent him a message making him aware of this thread.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I have not nor will I scam anyone on here. I’m a 29 year old father of 2 and foster dad to 3. I don’t have time to run a scam operation. I enjoy yoyos and more enjoy trading, getting new ones all the time and most of the time not having to buy. The last thing is want to do is screw up any sort of reputation I have here on the forums.

I’m not sure exactly what is going in here. He says that I’m trying to sell a yoyo that I shipped to him by calling me a scammer on a picture that’s from 5 weeks ago?!?!?

I told mason that I was doing some investigation into the whereabouts of the chief in question and trying to determine if it actually arrived at his house or not and now because he sees that picture from before we even spoke for the first time he thinks I ripped him off.

I also had told him that I wasn’t happy with the yoyos he sent and wished to return them. He replied and offered an additional $50 for him to be able to keep the chief. I accepted his offer. So I went ahead and listed and traded off the yoyos he sent. All the while under the assumption that the chief was either en route or delivered to his house.

I just want to put this whole situation behind me and I will do what I can to make up the value of his throws.

You never accepted the offer, I sent the offer to you, you replied with “I’ll think about,” never once did you say that you accepted. And since you traded the throws why not tell me that instead of messaging me me last night saying you were going to send the throws today? And on that instagram post in the comments you were trying to sell the chief less than 2 days ago.

No offense to Mason-

I trust Tommy. He does own an old diner, and has kids. He is a cool guy! I just made a trade with him and it went great!

The only issue is I have one of the yoyos that was traded for the Chief and now Mason wants it back because he claims to have gotten scammed.

This post is not about whether or not he is a good person in the community, it’s about whether or not he scammed someone out of their yoyos, therefore bringing in outside things is not relevant. The fact is there is evidence that mason sent his yoyos and that tommy never did

Thank you to everyone who has vouched for me. I appreciate it a lot. As for the matter at hand, I might not have proof anymore that I shipped but I swear on my 5 children that I did. And I’m not exactly sure what happened to my chief.

I don’t believe I’ve done anything against the rules other than not holding on to he tracking info because I’ve never needed it past seeing something was delivered.

Just so that there is no bad blood between mason and myself I’m going to do whatever I can to make him happy with the transaction that we did. So I plan on speaking with mason when he is online and trying to come to a resolution to all this.

Hmm, party M has a link to a picture that he claims is evidence even though i don’t see any time stamp other than the original date of posting.

Party T has no tracking # but is offering to make up for the loss of the package that he claims he shipped.

So we have no solid proof for/against that the yoyo is just still in route.

Just to sum it up, even i would not be this upset over yoyos. And i’m 15, and dont have that much money around.

They are just toys.