Still open, will close once I get my Kitten Code 2. So far he erased his account making it very hard to get a hold of him, came up with excuses for shipping late and giving a fake tracking number, and ignoring all of my calls. I will update this post if anything progresses.

Update 7/7: Called his father’s catering business (got from someone else scammed by him) his father took my message and said he would tell him and if I still dont get my throw to call him again, very nice guy his father!


Hopefully the guy who it was sent to is kind enough to send it back. Wish you the best of luck with this!!


Hey man! Don’t worry tom is my homie, he was shipping me something and i think you will find that you will have some yoyo prototypes coming your way that were supposed to come to me, let me know your address and ill send it back to you!

let me know in pm what you want me to do!


He just texted me back and said that he gave me the wrong tracking number and is sure he sent it to the right adderess.

Phew!! I was just a little bit freaked out because this yoyo is close to $200 in value and the whole thing with him delieting his account and everything. It would be bad but I could see someone not sending out their Kitten Code 2 bc they want to keep it then erasing their account. Im glad that isnt the case.

@ Modman10:Thank you so much for speaking up! If that were the case Im glad that it was going to someone who said something and spoke up instead of just keeping the Code 2, I guess its sereal numbered but once its in someone else’s possession its up to them if they want to return it or not, I would but Im sure alot of people would be tempted with a rare yoyo like that =).

I will change to resolved for now and if I dont get the Code 2 in the next few days then Ill open it up again. Thanks for all the help!


Still havent gotten my Kitten Code 2, should have been here by now. So Ill keep this open untill I get it. I sent him my package around 2-3 weeks ago…


Your welcome I gave you his number.


Yes, I texted him telling him to please send it if he didnt already. Im not mad I just want the Code 2. The reason why Im keeping this thread open is just to document it, when I get it I will close it =).


Still nothing and not getting any response. Could have gotten scammed out of a Chief which is fine but if anyone gets a hold of him let me know. I havent been spamming him, just a text or two today after checking the mail and not getting it. I dont think he sent which sucks, Ill keep updating and hope that he sends :/.


Bcmaddog gave me his dad’s number to his catering service. I felt bad calling a business number to complain, and at first I thought it was Tommy, then after some confusion I learned that it was his father’s catering service.

He was very polite and took down my name and number and said that if I dont get my Kitten Code 2 to call back and he will deal with it, he told me that hes sorry for his son’s actions, Im sure his dad is a great guy.

He said that if I dont get the Kitten Code 2 to contact him again and he will take care of it. Very nice guy!

I thought it was a lost cause, but it doesnt hurt to try, for anyone else that was scammed by him and he owes you a yoyo I will PM you the number so you can get a hold of his dad, Tommy’s phone isnt working for some reason.


His dad sounds like a pretty upstanding guy.Hope this all gets sorted soon!



He dropped his phone in water…


Well that’s serendipitous…


Someone gave me his dads catering company number.

Finally talked tp him today. he said he sent but doubt it bc he has no proof no tracking number nothing

he still has my chief but dinged it from totally mint to beat.he said he would send back the chief and $30. But if he doesn’t do that im just going to ask for money

its not fair the chief was worth around 110-120 broken twill colorway . Now that its beat its prob worth maybe 60-70.

Ill give him a chance to send but would rather have him keep the chief and give me 110. Don’t want anything else except to get back what i had and since he dinged it all up i can’t get that. would have been happy w just the chief back if he kept it mint…


After talking it out w my gf my mom and my gfs mom if he hasnt sent the chief and $30 by now I’m going to call his dad tomorrow and ask for $110, he can keep the chief he dinged up, and i dont think that is unreasonable.

Please tell me if you think it’s unreasonable, i didn’t buy it new but i traded a mwb fire blizzard bonfire for it which i payed $135, if i askrd for 135 ithink that would be a little much but 110 i think is reasonable

He can keep the dinged chief he damaged. The dinged chief + 30 would be a loss for me.

What would you guys do in this situation?

If it was mint i wouldnt care, Just send it back, But no one is going to want a beat chief…worth 60-75 at most im sure he beat it pretty good…


He lied and is selling my yoyo on ebay. wouldn’t buy from him i doubt you will get it. going to see what it sells for then call his dad and tell him. its a shame but this guy is a complete scammer coming from Clinton ma and i even recognize the splash that was my yoyo…


okay that’s low or his dad isn’t doing a very good job parenting. If that happened to me my da would probably ground me and make me send back the Yoyo.


His dad is trying to do a good job. problem is he’s a 29 year old punk. when i call asking for his dad he says he’s not there…


wait is the son or the dad 29 years old cause if its the son then the law should come into play. Also what 29year old scams teenagers?!?! Also people have had problems with him in the past surprised he isn’t banned from the BST yet.


He quit the forums. Tommy is 29 and is not the best representation of an adult (according to the circumstances).


Wow, really odd, i did like… 4? Deals with the guy, and he was nothing but helpfull, he made a big deal about leaving, he was getting obsessed with trading, and he was spending too much money, or so he told me, this really stinks… I have his email if you have not gotten it already.