I need a little Inspiration! (Art contest)


I’ve got one case in my garage that still remains untouched. It’s almost like my other Brown Samsonites except the latches are different. I want to do a major painting overhall on it. I don’t know what I want yet. So I’ll leave it to the forums to help me with this. If you’ve ever wanted to have a case made with a certain look to it now is your chance. (with a few exceptions: Nothing crude offensive or anything that might get me in trouble with copyright etc.) Mainly my biggest thing is I want to put boss on the case somewhere (Don’t have to, but I want to.) Any big artists out there I would really appreciate your help. Please keep in mind my cases are spray painted with custom stenciling I do myself so while details are fairly doable try to keep colors fairly simple. Any designs I use will earn there artist some free homemade strings. 10-20 strings last a pretty long time.

So I guess this is a little bit of an art contest. I really hope to see some cool designs.


Do like a really cool dark background, and then make a blood red Bio Hazardous symbol on it!!! It would look so awesome!!!


I like it, but it needs a little more something. Can you make it a little more eye catching. The symbol alone would make a good underside, but the top needs a little more.

(I should also add, that background need not be just one color. Not to much craziness, but I can work a bit with the background as well.)


Alright… Make the background have the word BOSS diagonally!!!


Allright… Make it, (the picture of course) and make it cool. I can work with anything that I can rip off this page. If you assemble it in an eye catching way I may use it and send you some string.


Well, it obviously doesn’t look amazing, but if you could make the word boss look cooler and then make the white outline on the symbol perfect, I think it would actually look pretty cool!! I wold definitely but one if they sold the,!!!


aww snap, son, I got this.

NOTE: i almost cursed there… so habitual here…


quick pre-draw. if theres a logo or something you’d like (like a biohazard sign or a specific tribal) let me know, i can work it in. but for something as unspecific as “yoyo related and has “boss” on it,” there isn’t much i can do


I like your idea WAY better than mine!! I think that you should maybe add a bio hazard symbol either inside of the “O” or just make the “O” a bio hazard symbol itself!!! I really hope that you win the string!! I need string but I think you deserve it for your creativity!! Also, maybe if we combine our ideas, we can both get some string!!?? Alright thanks!!


it’s ultimately up to him. biohazard symbols are cool, but i got bored working with them after i did a few wallpapers with them. i thought tribals or celtic knots would look pretty cool, but i’m not going to get into a heavy design if he isn’t interested in it.


You know I like this one. Personally the only thing keeping me from jumping on this design is how hard it is to get the case to be white. I’ll keep this in mind. Any chance of different color schemes that you think would be cool. Personally I’ve been thinking I’d kind of like to see a Mafia Boss kind of look, but as the title says I’d like to be inspired by the yo-yo community as well.


you dont have to do white, i was giving you a general idea for the stencil. i can change the colors in a few seconds, if you want a few more colorways. i could do a bulldog or something too, going from your avi. i can do inspired work all you want, but if i don’t have a general theme, i can’t really try to work to your tastes.


Generally I just need something that’s tough(ish). My stuff in general tries to play a little bit gritty. For example my strings, Nor Cal inspired, played off some tough girl nicknames “Humboldt Honeys” So I like your bull dog idea just try and make gritty a theme. Let’s see what happens with that.


now THAT’S what i’m talking about :slight_smile:


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If you took the boss yoyo thing that war girl did but made it white on black and splattered random colors on the text that would look cool.


Yeah. I’ll prolly get more cases and do that, but I want a more complicated design for my last case before that. I’m thinking I’ll see if anything comes up in the mob boss or bull dog suggestions from earlier, and of course I am open to any submissions.


If you took the boss yoyo thing that war girl did but made it white on colored stripes and a bulldog in the center of the o and splattered random colors on the text that would look cool. Or is that to crazy?


EDIT I was looking at the wrong thing.

The stripes would need a good scheme. I kind of like that idea though. And the Bull Dog would need to be bigger than the center of the O. And I really want to see a little bit more of a gritty look. (at least for this case.)


You could use this font Insted of the other one.