I Learned a Hard Lesson Today

So I threw my plastic yo-yo again after a while, and after about 20 minutes I knotted the string on accident. I unscrewed my yo-yo, unknotted the string, and then screwed my yo-yo back together.

Well, I screwed it way too tight, and ended up cracking my yo-yo.

You live, you learn.


Just curious, what yoyo?


Sorry to hear that. I know this is rather late but when you tighten the yoyo, you can place it between your palms and finish tightening it, pressing your palms together without grabbing it. You will feel the yoyo slip against your palms when it has tightened enough.


I hadn’t heard that technique before, makes sense though! I tighten mine by using my fingertips at full extension to torque it and not the wrists. (My hands go into a position sorta like I’m making shadow-figures of dogs, if that makes sense.)

I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the torque every few throws to make sure it isn’t loosening, just in case.



This man speaks wisely.


Same lesson learned here :joy:, a while back I tighted my replay pro too much and smushed part of the bearing seat in. Since it can no longer hold a bearing I use it as a fixie


I should have come to you and @skitrz first haha. Could have saved me.

After I caused some nerve damage to my hands I realized I either have a very loose grip or a vise grip and I can never really tell as they both feel a little numb. It’s just on my palm and index finger but it’s enough that recently I stripped my poor Yoyoempire ting again, pulled off the front door knob, pulled my whole closet door off its hinges (was already a little stripped but I was so sad), broke the handle off the shower tap, sheared a bolt off my woodworking vise, and more. I’m taking all your guys’s suggestions to heart in my daily life because my family is calling me Wreck it Ralph and though I agree with them, I can’t keep replacing door knobs and YoYos.


I do this too!

However at the rate you are destroying yoyos, you could use them to replace door knobs! Thats your silver lining! :wink:


This is a good idea! All the drawers and cabinets in our office area have yoyo knobs lol


just another suggestion, get good at knot picking. it reduces the stress on the threads on the bearing post at the entry point and reduces your chances of overtightening or stripping. a sturdy wooden toothpick is all you need.


When I saw the yoyo halves as cabinet door handles at YYE years ago I wanted to do this sometime at my house…still haven’t got around to it, but I think about it often.

Sorry your yo-yo broke, but you obviously have the right attitude. Now you have some parts for modding the next batch. I try to keep my yo-yos and tops as long as I can, but if you use them, you will eventually lose some of them. Hey we all gotta help keep André living large.




That hurts man, I feel you. I only damaged a replay pro but there are infinitely many more. But PLSTC’s are so desired and hard to get your hands on one.

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They are hard to get now? I didn’t know that. :cry: