CLYW wooly marmot 2 extremely tight-HELP

So I just picked it up today. I was blown away by the looks. It plays even better than it looks. When I was examining it out of the box, I went to unscrew it and see how it looks. It was very tight, so I figured I’d just leave it until I have to undo it to get a knot out. Half hour later, first knot right on the bearing. So I go to unscrew the 2 halves and it’s tight. Like extemely tight. I can see why they do this so it plays as solid as possible but holy lord, it’s insane. How do I get this thing apart? Or do I undo the knot by picking it out with a needle or toothpick ect,.

It is meant to come apart. Some day you will want to clean or change the bearing or pads… a tootpick isn’t going to solve that inevitable problem.

You’ve made a record of the problem… maybe make a video of you attempting to unscrew it for the first time. Most likely, you just need to put your back into it and it’ll come apart. But in the event that it just crumbles to dust in your hands, you’ll have a video of it. The video isn’t going to be irrefutable evidence, but it will help demonstrate your honest attempt.

It’ll probably be fine.

I believe its so tight
to stop the vibe
and smoother play
and yes it is meant to come apart

When I’ve had a yo-yo screwed extremely tight, I usually find a pair of gloves to help with my grip. I have a few pairs of work gloves that have a rubber type material in the palm area, and that helps me get a nice tight grip that I could not get with my bare hands. When I hold each half with those gloves, my grip is crazy, and it always helps me unscrew it with no problem. If you don’t have rubber gloves, try some material that serves the same function. Maybe a leather or imitation leather pair of gloves would work too. A damp terry cloth might help…just try to improvise, but never use anything that will cause damage to the surface of the throw. Be patient, and it will eventually unscrew, I’m sure. I’m just sharing what has worked for me in the past. Try those and be patient, and I’m sure it will be fine.

Or wrap it in your shirt and give a good twist

Thanks guys I got it, leather gloves and all my strength haha. It’s hard to get a grip because it’s so smooth and rather small

Its funny, apparently whenever i screw together my yoyos its very tight, but it doesn’t seem tight to me at all.

Maybe thats why my yoyos are so smooth…

It’s true XD

I know how you feel, my chief from the newest run of chiefs was like that. You will get it eventually get it. It was almost like they put locktight in the axel threads.

Keep trying

Either you need to work out more, or you need to stop being afraid of damaging it and just force it open, it’s not going to break just by you unscrewing it.

I was going to tell you to ship it over to me and I could fix it. And never return it of course. :slight_smile:

Mine was SUPER tight as well. You just have to put some muscle into it. It won’t break don’t worry. I talked to CLYW