How much to tighten yoyo halves?

Just wondering whether i can overtighten a yoyo.

I have a magicyoyo n12 and it seemed as if it was much louder today, so i was a little worried the hubs may be coming apart. This wasn’t the case, but it made me think that i was never sure how much to tighten the yoyo halves and whether i could effectively strip the axle by overtightening.

The loud noise is kinda like string being ripped (?). Perhaps i was just throwing more forceful sleepers (i’ve always held back a bit with this new you as i’m not used to metals and have been afraid of losing teeth!).

Yes you can VERY easily strip the axle by overtightening… Some yoyos such as One Drop yoyo’s with Side Effects and can and should overtighten them. But not just any yoyo. Just tighten till it is snug and you should be good.

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I just go till it stops

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It’s just the bearings in the hubstacks. Magic Yoyos screech. You shouldn’t hold back on your sleepers though, your just as likely to injure yourself on plastic as metal (with some exceptions like the Noctu).

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Tighten until you feel resistance coming from the yoyo. Battle through the resistance until you feel it loosen. Congrats. You have successfully tightened a yoyo.

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The N12 is the Shark. It doesn’t have hubstacks.

I read somewhere that the best way to not overtighten a yoyo is to just grip it between your palms, not your fingers. Turn the halves and when the yoyo starts to slip in your palms it’s tight enough. Personally I hold it in my fingers and just snug them up, not overly tight.

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I use the palms method, never stripped a yoyo doing so.

This is the best yoyo forum i have been on. Thank you for so many helpful replies. I will use the palm method and not worry about the noise.

If I have overtightened, what would the tell tale signs be (sorry for the daft question).

If you overtighten it you will probably strip the threads, in which case it won’t be tight anymore. :wink:

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That’s what I use and never had a problem either and I have to take stuff apart all the time due to getting knots from dropping GT’s and other mistakes.

The people here want people to succeed and enjoy this activity.

If over-tightened, it won’t remain tight. It will loosen up rapidly.

In the meantime, you may wish to clean your bearing out as it probably has some stuff in there. That should help with the noise.

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Thank you. I will make sure i don’t overtighten and clean the bearings when i next open the yoyo!