When I loop with my yoyo, on my left hand the halves slowly untighten and eventually get really loose. One time the yoyo came apart and i was luckily able to save it from hitting anything. I dont want to crank the halves together to much because ik how easy it will crack. I am tightening it until i feel an immediate distinct resistance and just a very slight twist after that. Bear in mind they are not extremely tight, but enough to keep them together and not unscrew with a slightly hard twist. Its hard to explain but I thought I should still ask.
… i guess my question is should i just tighten it more or might it break?

I am using the japan version loop 720, thanks.

Edit: Anybody? Its becoming an actual problem now as i cant practice looping with my left hand without the halves getting lose and eventually falling apart.

Hello :slight_smile:

I note this problem with many loop style yoyo.
I meet some players who put some Teflon tape on the end of the axle to prevent from falling apart. I did this to my initiators and completely fix the problem.
Maybe try?


Just give them another turn to snug them up a bit.

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