How to..

Prevent the Yo-yo in bent, I mean the that axle problem thingy?

To prevent the axle from bending, make sure that whenever you screw the yoyo together, the halves are straight, and lined up properly. Also, avoid over-tightening the yoyo.

Don’t put it in your pocket and then fall on it.

Oh hi!, You’re Jeremy Levine Right? :wink:

Well thanks for the advice dude, I have something a barely unnecessary Idea I think?, But It’s helpful (prevent axle bents) if you remove/take apart the both halves after play right? :slight_smile:

Why, yes… I am :slight_smile:

Anyway, just keep the yoyo in a safe place where it won’t get crushed/knocked around too badly. No need to take it apart.

Thanks a lot dude!~, Btw, In looping Yo-yo’s (Sunset Trajectory), Like what Andre in the video’s up there that overtighten the gap, Is there a possibility that the axle will be bent?