(JET) #1

I just saw megan fox hop out of this light blue r8 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Get her number?


I met Dazzling Dave at the grocery store once.
And I’ve been to his house.

Dazzling Dave - National Yo-Yo Master

(JET) #4

No she shushed me and walked away fast, dude it was 100 degrees and she was wearing a hoodie


Just another terrible actress who’s only famous for her looks.

Now Dazzling Dave, THERE’S a celebrity.


I wear a hoodie every day when I work out. I don’t see the problem…

(JET) #7



XD go up to a random stranger…
Me: So, what do u think about Megan Fox?
Stranger: Dude, she’s hot…
Me: Dazzling Dave’s is actually a real celebrity unlike Megan right?
Stranger: Who the hell is that? … I dont care, Megan’s hot…


I know right?




dat’s coldddddd…

(DOGS) #12

You had the opportunity to key her car and you didn’t. I’m incredibly disappointed in you.


It’s okay. She has spiritually keyed her own car by putting her license plate on her dash instead of properly mounting it.

(JET) #14

Dude shush me cause she was being mean it was cause she was tryin to go unnoticed and she started to jog away from the r8 (I’m guessing she doesn’t want a ton of ppl asking for pics with her


I didn’t understand a word of that. Also am I the only one who likes the car more the the person?


Dude, Megan Fox is ugly. Like Kim Kardashian. And all these “Mommy, I want to grow up to look just like another Zombie from an old Zombie Movie…I WANT TO LOOK SO PERTTY” are ugly. \

ALL OF THEM. I like my friends.

Anyway…I talk to famous peeps all the time. Josh Yee, man. FaceBook. we talk a lot. Same with Wilson Ni, or azznboya here. Those are people I respect, not some ugly looking eye candy wannabe Actors who wish they could replace Marilyn Monroe.


I definitely like the car more. It’s sad though that it’ll likely never be driven to its full potential. Heck, it’s probably automatic. :frowning:

@mrcnja: I’d probably do the same. Except instead of no plate, I’d mount a euro plate on the front.

And just saying, it looks like her windows are tinted far past the legal limit in California.


Ddue, no european car should be boguht in the US. American roads and traffic kill them. Ferrari can’t handle any stop and go, they are literally built to drive over 100 mph constantly. It kills the engine horribly same with most Foreign High ends cars.


You’re silly. Ferrari is not representative of European cars in general. They only produce 0.003% of the 243.5 million European cars produced each year. Last I checked, most European cars fare just fine on our roads. I see plenty of Volkswagens, BMW’s, Volvos, Benz’s, etc. on our roads. Cars sold for the road have enough fans to keep the engines cool in stop and go traffic. We aren’t talking about driving a 926c on the road.


Nope. That is one smoking hot car.