I have a problem

I haven’t found a new yoyo I want in a long time and its been discouraging. Planning on buying a wooden yoyo from @Glenacius_K at some point in the near future, but other than that its been unexciting lately.


? So many Yo-Yos, So Little Time

They are all good, if you need wood, just go back in time, on the auction site you will find


I feel ya. Ever since I started enjoying responsive more than unresponsive, all the new yoyo announcements lately just leave me feeling unexcited. I think I’m also to the point where I’ve tried lots of stuff so I know exactly what I like, and rarely does a new yoyo tick every single box for me.


I love how the universe works. I make this post, then I scroll past this new One Drop Aitch in my news feed.

H is the most underrepresented shape in my collection, and this is the most H H I’ve seen yet.

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You see the GWAY DareDevil or Shuriken Senban? Both H’s that I am pretty excited about.

That new OD is H-AF, lol. Should be interesting to see how it plays.


I haven’t seen the GWAY one yet, but for some reason the Senban doesn’t do it for me. I love how angular the Aitch is. I’m also more inclined to support the american yoyo shop making yoyos from american aluminum stock lol

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Understandable. DareDevil is also a D-Bearing, so not really in competition with the Aitch or Senban for sure.


I thought the daredevil is organic. Need to look again.


“Soft H.” It resides somewhere between H and O.

Also, you have a good problem. I am pretty much there as well. It’s refreshing to not feel a burning need to get every other new release I see.


It’s an OH, lol.


Just buy the spin worthy already.


I’m going to insert the typical Nightshadow response here: why not look more into the throwing side of things?

New yoyos are fun, I get it. But whenever you run out of excitement for buying more stuff, you can always find new areas to get better in, see progress.

If that’s not something you’ve really tried, or don’t think you’re into, why not give it a shot?

I don’t think that not getting the same rush from buying more stuff is really a problem at all. There’s a lot more that these little spinning circles can offer than being a new package in the mail.

You act like you’re tired of the hobby as a whole, just because one very small part of it (the collecting) isn’t doing it for you right now.


I agree with Shadow, if you’re not excited by anything new then it probably means you already own the best throws for you!

I keep shopping for new ones but haven’t found anything that excites me more than what I already throw regularly which is a Speedaholic XX, a Graviti Vulcan and an Expedition. I’ve got one or two more that get thrown rarely but those three satisfy any itch I have at this point.

Celebrate the fact that your collection has been honed to your ideal tastes! (And keep a weather eye on the New Releases threads, LOL)



New OD drops tomorrow


Aka step round shape.

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I appreciate the response, but I learn new tricks constantly. I throw every day, and I’m always looking to improve.

I’m impressed at how much how much you read into my enjoyment of the hobby in my two sentence OP lol. I never once said or implied I was tired of the hobby, just that releases are unexciting.

This post was tongue in cheek cuz yoyo budget is burning a hole.


Best advice I’ve been given in a long time.


Ive been feeling very much the same way. I’ve got 15 yoyos and throw 3 or 4 of them every day.

Pretty sure I could even slim down the collection and never notice but can’t bring myself to post any for sale. They all have some silly sentiment as to why I bought them lol


What can I say? I’m an impressive guy…

Why, just the other day, I ate my water with a fork.

We can’t all be that impressive, I know, I know. But at least you can witness the legendary perfection that is my post content on the yo-yo forum.


I’m gonna DM u dude