Growing my collection, would love input

Hey yye! New around here but am loving the yoyo community in general and figured I’d try to get some more input on what presents a good value throw to newer players as I’m working to try an assortments of shapes and sizes to really find my preferences. I’m heading into my 3rd week of joining the hobby and am practicing plastic whip at the moment!

At the moment my collection is:
Cyber crash
Shooting star
Speedaholic xx
Mod44 d bearing (en route to me)
138 (am buying this 100%)

Assassin has been my favourite so far. It’s quite maneuverable, easily pocketed, durable, binds well, and is just overall fun. It feels a little more laid back than the rest of my throws while still spinning forever and being pretty stable.

I’m hoping to try some normal sized organics at the moment but am just looking for recommendations in general on what I should be watching out for (which black Friday deals I should be hopping on etc). My current interest list is:
Panorama (wondering if 138 will play similarly)

I’ve seen lots of other yo-yos that have that piqued my interest but it’s so tough to figure out what is worthwhile. So the overall question is, knowing I am enjoying floaty/laid back play but still performant, what are your recommendations of yoyos to watch for?

I should mention that at 75 dollars, assassin is the most I’ve spent on a throw and I’m not looking to move too much above that in any one yoyo. I know I’m gonna scuff them and don’t really want to do that to something more expensive. More durable metals (not Ti or Mg unless it’s a stupidly good deal) are a nice bonus though.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

PS: it’s worth noting that in Canadian. After paying shipping, duties, conversion fees, and brokerage fees, it can make it difficult to compete with people reselling in the US when I have to pay extra to ship it back also, so I’m doing my best to collect throws I will play.


I think you’re at a great spot atm. You’ll be happy with anything on your current list. I think contact will be your best bet out of those tho.

Also thanks for the love on the assassin!! Glad you’re digging it so much!

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It’s not a normal sized organic, but the OD Deep State is a must have, I feel. I only got into yoyos about two months ago, so I don’t know how much room I have to speak, but it was the first yoyo I purchased. It’s been one of my most used simply because it’s so easy to bring anywhere, even with little pocket space, on top of being my only responsive. It’s nice to have when you’re going places where you don’t want to bust out combos, but still want to throw. It’s cheaper (~$50usd) and popular, so it’s not hard to find one either.


You could buy a looping yoyo with your next purchase! They are very cheap and fun.


OD is always a good add


What would you recommend for a looper? Loop 720?


OD deep state was one I had been looking at but there’s a different slimline coming out really soon that I’m planning to pick up in its place, definitely one that’s been on my mind though.

Oh the assassin will get nothing but praise from me, hope the rest sell for you soon so we can see the next project!

I’ve been hoping to maybe pick up some mystery boxes on black Friday from either g2 or OD if either do them (or whenever their next ones are).


Going to go off what Marco said, get a pair of loopers. Get things that’ll allow you try other styles, that’ll give you about as much new variety as you could ask for in another yoyo. Get a Proyo or a Legend Wing to try learning some 0A on, or get a second Speedaholic XX/Shooting Star/Cyber Crash if you want to try 3A, and if you want to try 4A you’d be good with a yoyofactory flight.


hey @Kwitiii thanks for keeping the 138 in your sights! i am really looking forward to bring this to you cats :heart::heart::heart:


Contact or panorama. Probably contact though since panorama is so narrow.

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Really can’t wait for the 138 :slight_smile: and contact is definitely happening in the near future.

Ill check out proyo/legend wing, thanks! Do people use unresponsive for 3a? I guess it makes sense in you’re doing string tricks.


Since you’re planning on a 138 already, I’m going to go in a different direction.

Since you’ve only been playing for 3 weeks, don’t buy anymore yoyos. Keep playing and practicing. Get a good foundation, work through the trick lists on YYE and other trick sites. The downside with this hobby is you can get trapped in the “needing more, the latest greatest” merry-go-round. Nothing wrong with just collecting, but if you want to play I think you’ll be in a better spot advancing with what you have, learning more by reading here, watching videos, etc. Then later on try out other yoyos to find what you like.

All this coming from a guy with well over 100 yoyos :rofl:


Broken record bot here. Follow your heart. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to try em to know for yourself and then that will change as you progress. Early on I was more disappointed in myself with tall flat wall organics simply because I had no skills and I was being performance oriented.


I agree with this

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I haven’t heard of this one. Where are those details?



I second this. I only had one unresponsive yoyo (a Sage) for almost half a year before I got my second one. Even now, I only get new ones on birthdays and holidays for the most part. Having only one for a while forced me to focus on just learning and developing my skills rather than worrying about the next throw I’m going to buy (I already knew I was going to get a One Drop when I was ready anyway :grin: )

My point is, if you’re trying to figure out your preferences by getting more yoyos, you’d be better served getting some more tricks down, watching other players, and developing your style a bit first. Besides, your current collection is fully capable of doing anything you can throw at it. But, if you want to collect, collect. Don’t let anyone stop you!

For what it’s worth, from the list of ones you want, I’d go with either the Kappa or Contact.


What you need to think about is do you want to settle into a favorite shape early and pick it up in different materials and brands, or do you want a variety of shapes to see if you happen upon something that you like better, or just like some variety.

Getting a variety of yoyo’s of the same shape for the most part means finding that shape across various brands. To get a variety of shapes and sizes chances are you can settle into a favorite manufacturer. Example: I want a variety of shapes and sizes and own quite of few One Drop yoyo’s.


I’m also going to throw out the , nowadays unpopular opinion, get a responsive yoyo. Find a Duncan Freehand Z, or when Duncan releases the new Plastic Freehands get one and play responsive. It’ll kick your butt for awhile, but will help you big time in the long run.


Thanks for the input everybody! For what it’s worth, I have a 7.5 month at home who is already trying to climb everything so a lot of my day is spent need to sit right beside him to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself, hence a lot of the time I can’t be throwing but I also can kind of peruse my phone when he’s self entertaining. Trust me, when I have an opportunity to yoyo, it’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:

A cheap (scuffed) kappa and a contact will likely be making their way into my possession shortly, then there’s the one other unreleased I’ll be buying and calling it quits, just wanted to make sure kappa and contact were the way to to :wink:

I totally love responsive play and will have at least 3 by the end of December. Most hours I’ve logged so far are on my shooting star in responsive. That was one of the reasons I liked the idea of the quiz was to have a durable responsive for on the go (I travel a lot for work).

Lots of good stuff coming in! Really appreciate people taking time out of their day to help me on this journey