I am quitting for awhile until i get my life in check.

I was at a field party fridday night and drank wayyy to much, I took my avalanche with me to show some friends but the cops ended up coming after a buddy of mine got jumped, I jumped in to help him out while another friend called the cops because he was literally getting the life beat out of him, I do not remember any of this, like I said I was inebriated, blacked out drunk, so the cops came I ended up walking off and getting tackled hit upside the head with a flashlight because istruggled, got up and apparently , I say apparently because I do not remember any of this, apparently swung on him, and another officer. got an assault against a police officer charge, lost my avalanche during this process so im yoyo less for a while. im tired of disappointing my family so much.

thank you guys for your time on the forums forreal, I love you all.

I will be back! but I forsee more time in jail in my future, hopefully can get it dropped to a misdemeanor and go into the military.

I will reply to your replies and will come in on the forums to discuss stuff if I feel like it but for now im gunna fix my poop pile of a life.

much love - A very disappointed and ashamed Sammy

Im really sorry to hear this man. You shouldn’t give up throwing though. The yoyo can help you get your life in check. Losing your Avalanche is a horrible thing, but what you throw doesn’t matter.

I hope all goes well for you bro.

If jail time is in your future, use that time to re-evaluate your life and make little changes here and there. Maybe drink less. Maybe drink a lot less.

Hopefully it is understood you were intoxicated and the justice system gets a bit lenient on you. If not, look at the time in jail as a time to just reflex, de-tox and make change. The best part is that you realize you need to make change. Not only that, you’re expressing a want to make change as well.

Please make the changes you need to make. Come back better, stronger and wiser!

Doubted, considering he’s under 21 and just got 6 months for buying cigs for a minor. Assaulting an officer is a violent crime, which doesn’t look good at all.

Get a Lawyer to try to help, if you can afford it. Or try to get a public attorney and try to make it clear to the judge you want to better your life and want to join the Military.

If you don’t have a Lawyer to talk for you, you could potentially make your sentence worse for yourself if you say something that makes you look foolish. When I’m by myself, I often search for Plea Bargins, I don’t know how many citations you received, but it might be a route you want to consider.

I’m sure you know all this stuff though, you seem pretty street smart. I know how it feels when you wanna get back on track and the cycle starts all over again. It’s very discouraging, surreal, depressing. Hang in there man, keep your chin up. You’ll be free again and we’ll all be looking forward to your first day out part 2 video. We’ll be here man, and we won’t judge you when you come back, we’ll embrace you with open arms. Keep that chin up, seriously man. I wish you luck man.

Also, don’t let other inmates fill your head with ideas or get you in trouble. Stay outta trouble while your inside man, I know you already know, but good behavior does help.

And one last thing man, don’t let your user (alcohol in this case?) friends fool you into believing they really care. They just want others to use with them so they don’t feel worse about themselves. They probably aren’t truly your friends, and you should spend time considering if you really consider them your friends. I thought I cared about a lot of people because we were “friends”, hung out a lot, and shared some laughs… but I’m glad I moved on after getting tired of the “fast life” lifestyle and slowing down, they just kept going leaving me in the dust. They probably won’t care that you’re getting locked up, but rather thankful it’s not them (as messed up as that sounds). When you get out, do your best to clean rid your life of that. You said you wanted to go to the Military, well going that route I gaurentee you’d be leaving all those party-hardy fools in the dust when you got back. I might be wrong man, but it helped me. I don’t have any friends right now, but it’s better than trying to hang out with people who only put me in situations where I’m bound to get arrested again.

Source: Spent more time dealing with police, court, and jail than I’d like to admit.

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im not worried about goin back to jail or nothin, all you do is chill really. Im just tired of wht it has done to my mom, i do things with my real close friends, but none of them were there, cody had 16 kids on him and i just jumped in cause thats not fair at all. I put in work so he could run across the road and hide in the woods. Like i said im not worried about it all, just another setback year. Im very accountable for all my actions an am willing to pay the consequences. Thanks for your words bro. Very appreciated.

ohh the changes are already being made buddy!

lol im not giving up on throwing bro, it helps me a lot, i just dont have a yoyo to throw cause i gave my psg and mmn away to kids that needed that junk. And i lost my avalanche so im yo-less and dont wanna spend money on a yoyo when i need a lawyer, hahaha ill be back, sadly i doubt i will be able to compete in va states this year :confused: but hey, thats alright ill meet some of yall another time.

I just wish i wasnt so drunk that i coul of stopped and thought about what was happening. Like its stupid really. I had no control. Evan Williams is not my friend anymore. Bahaha

Not here to judge at all. You seem like a pretty decent guy who’s just made a couple of unfortunate choices. But you’re doing your best to get out of the hole and we’re all here cheering for you to make that breakthrough. If you ever need a place to vent or whatever, you’re always welcome here. Stay safe and good luck, brother.


thanks Yuki, i am a nice guy, just small decisions that have affected?me negatively, im impulsive.

Hey man, that’s very honorable for you to eat the consequences like a man. Most people I’ve seen in my life will complain like they are innocent. I know you did a good thing by helping your friend, but another thing you might wanna think about is why was he getting beat up? And/or would it have happened if people were sober? (Not just your friend, but the other dudes there) Idk, I just hated those environments, they always turned dramatic.

I know how you feel about disappointing your mom. It’s okay though man, you still have time to make it right. Just remember that and don’t sleep on it. Take care brother, you should try to keep us updated on what happens.

Edit: looks like you already thought about the drunken part of it. If you want I can send you a FHZ to play with… you probably got atleast a month right?

he got jumped because another kid threw a bottle at a girls car and blamed it on him, and yea an fhz would be cool man, my hearing is july 23rd and will continue from there so i got time. My address is 247 west queen street strasburg va 22657, sammy harper is the name. Very appreciated man, itll be alright like i said it just sucks cause ive been puttin my life together since my last charge and was literally about to get this job an a truck. But noooo, impulsivity is my specialty.

I also lost my glasses :frowning: prescription ray bans :frowning: that i got with my first paycheck ever :frowning:

Good. I’ve seen too many people lost to drugs and alcohol. The only way change happens is for the need and desire to change come from within.

Best of luck on a brighter future! Use the momentum for the change you’re currently undergoing to carry you onto making all the changes you need.

I knew a guy who got a charged with a controlled substance while waiting to go to court for a DUI. They demolished him. He’s in prison right now. Don’t stack anymore charges between now and then. You know this, but in a couple days you might be bored as heck and looking for a pick me up and think “Oh it won’t hurt to drink/smoke one more time”… next thing ya know you’re in a police car lol (not funny but ya)

Best thing you can do is keep your ears clean, for sure.

Also, might sound dumb, and I’m not sure how things work in your neck of the woods. But I would keep trying to find a job and hope that if you get locked up, you can potentially get work release, which would be pretty sweet.

I’ll send out the FHZ for you tomorrow man, going to the post office anyway

oh im out on bond so ill be good forsure! Hahaha. And yea im gunna try to get a job so i can get a lawyer anyways, and if it gets dropped to a misdemeanor ima try to get on the inmate workforce like i did last year, i got good time an got out early. Thanks for the fhz! I also think itd be cool to write a few of you if i do go back to jail, but we can discuss that at a later time.

Much love brother, thank you for your kind words. <3

Weren’t you already on probation?

Hope you sort everything out man

Good luck man, and stay outta trouble :wink:

Sorry to hear about this, Sammy. I can’t say anything smarter than what SkyHighYo and others have already said. Can’t pretend to know what it’s like, but I see in you someone who will rise above… Take it one day at a time, but with an eye to the future. You already have started to make it better, but don’t do what so many people do and live inside those future plans. Like I said, look ahead, but make those changes one day at a time.