GUYS!! im back! 5 months in jail and i still got skillsss


yupp im home, made 100 stroings out of jail issued cotton sheets, if you guys want some i think im gunna sell 5 packs, theyre official. i need money to get on my feet, glad to be back guys


Wait, who are you?




Welcome back! Now you need to make a “Get Outta Jail” vid to go along with your "I’m Going to Jail vid. I’m glad your out, now stay out.


My real name is Sam. But yeah its good to be back. Didnt meanto put this in videos. Gettin the hang of things. Will post video later today promise

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


Welcome back!



I was just reading your last post the other day!


Dude, I got started a little after you went in, so I’ve been throwing now about as long as you had been back then. Sucks you’re weren’t allowed to have a yoyo inside. Hope things only get better for you.


Good to see you made it back, hope everything gets better


Can’t wait to see a video form you. gonna be interesting how you throw now.

(Jerrod) #11



Video will be postponed for about a week. My caluses have gone an i go string burn :confused: plus im gettin an avalanche in 2 days

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


How was it in jail?


Well i got stabbed, no BS… my girl cheated/played me for my “bestfriend” just found that out today. My body hurts because im not used to moving this much and i got sunburned today and string burn from throwin. I guess im just dandy lol :confused:

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


Ohh, I remember you now. Glad to see you’re back from jail.


^ lolz

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


Damn man, kicking you when you’re down! I hope things look up from here for you! You’re gonna love the avalanche!


That’s gotta suck, but an Avalanche beats a girl anyday!




Pretty true, not much better than an avalanche!