YoRed's Back! Avalanche unboxing, Contraband Jailhouse strings preview :)


Hey guys. and girls.
heres my first video since i got out of jail. Its good to be back. I like this return top a lot, like people have been saying, this throw floats. let me know how you think my skills have held up. love, Red

a moderator might have to fix/mess with the link. im completely ignorant when it comes to videos

(Owen) #2

wow youve gotten wayyyy better.

thats insane.

And that marmot hat looks sick on you.


lol how? ive forgotten like half my tricks

(Owen) #4

I think that might have to do with it.

you’ve made up new tricks.

but you are certantly better than youre “Im going to jail” video.


nope no new tricks, ive rearranged the order i use the though


I just subscribed to you :slight_smile:


thanks bro, or girl. idk your gender but your picture of a pony makes me lean towards girl lol.


hahaha. By the way, I’m going to try and learn how to incorporate those little boimlng e boings into my combos, they look sick.


hahahaa yeah man i saw someone do it and had to pick it up cuz its sicckkk


I can do boing e boings easier side style better than front style, but ill need to work on those fast little ones.


I need to work on a lot of things lolol


hey man can you make some tutorials. I love the tricks you do.


ask and you shall recieve lemme know which ones. lol


whats the trick from 2:16-2:20?


its called the monorail. ill make a tut here in a min, im on the phone




thanks bro


Dude spends 5 months in jail and he is still better than me.

Either way you still have skills.


bhahaa thanks man, practice, watch videos, askk questions and go through a bunch of strings. lol just keep throwin, i dont even consider myself good, i mean have you seen half the kids on this forum? lol


This is like some king-fu movie, where the guy gets put in prison, but comes out with more refined skill. Not to glorify going to jail, but it’s like how sometimes you just gotta step away from something for it to really sink in and take root–you just had a forced hiatus, Red, but there ain’t no jailhouse rust on you! Keep on keepin’ it real, dude.