been gone for over two months. I'M BACK


Well I’be been out of state for over two months. Been working in Alabama. Ugh…
I have finally made it home. For those of you that I owe something, please pm me and I will send you whatever I owe plus something extra to show my apologies. I had no internet shock stinks but I’m back and things are starting to look up a bit. I’m glad to be back!

Tmcertified please pm me.


Welcome home, Casey.
Good to see you around again.


Icthus! We all missed you!


“Welcome back MR. Anderson, we’ve missed you”
;D ;D ;D


Welcome back, glad you’re here. :slight_smile:


Welcome back icky.


Both YYE and the other site were so boring without you, seriously =[ …not that i’ve been that active on forums lately…
Nice to have you back!


Yay! Rejoice for our dictator’s return! All hail Lord Icky!

(WildCat23) #9

Just when I was starting to worry you’d left us. =P

(YoYo_Freak) #10

Yaay :smiley:


'Ello Gov’na.


Yeah! We all missed those sarcastic posts!


Long time no see. Welcome back!


Nice to see you’re back!


I was quite curious where you went off to.

Welcome back.


Welcome back.


I’ll be getting on as much as I can. Sadly it won’t be that much as I don’t have internet at the house. Luckily the library is across the street from my house. I really missed this place. I see a lot of new names and new name changes. Nice to see all the new throwers come to the best forum out there.


Yep, I’m pretty new! :smiley:


Not that new…

(George Wollaston) #20

Welcome back! I think I might have joined just a little after you left…