I am quitting for awhile until i get my life in check.

Dumb things happen when people drink. I never understood why alcohol was ever legalized. Its straight brain numbing poison…

Anyways, its unfortunate that this situation came upon you, but i really respect you for taking responsibility for your actions. Sucks you lost your avalanche though. Seems as if one avalanche goes away another comes smashing down forcing you to rethink the meaning of life and prior decisions.

I wish you luck with all of this! Keep your head up;)

Yes, alcohol can be evil

i do not understand why its legal either, people kill people, themselves, drunk driving blah blah blahhh all tht good stuff. And herb is illegal? Hahaa all it does is make ya happy and hungry lololol. The world is weird. It sickens me most of the time, but thanks man. Ill be alright.

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ill be alright mayneee :slight_smile: i might just get probation. Who knows!

Yeah well the herb is illegal because pharma cant handle people growing their own medicine. It seems as if the big corporations and government dont have the health of the people as their top priority, which saddens me greatly. The world is definitely weird though. I know you’ll pull through :wink:

I wish the best for you and your family. From 19-24 I was in and out of jail and hurting the ones who loved me the most (my family) by my addictions. It took a rude awakening of a near death overdose to realize I needed help. I began yoyoing about 2 years ago and in that time I have stayed clean the whole time and became a father to a wonderful little girl. To me yoyoing saved me from this life and is a good tool to use to keep your mind busy.

Also you will become who you surround yourself with. I always denied this cause it seemed like the saying ment I was a fallower and not my own person but its true. Surround yourself with good people and true friends. Lastly never put so called friends in front of your family. They are the only ones who will stick by your side threw it all. I had so many “friends” and when the sh** hit the fan they all bailed and I would of been alone if it wasn’t for my loving family.

Take care dude. dont beat yourself up for this just live and learn. We all make mistakes. Its up to you to decide what your going to do with these lessons.

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Modfather single pad recess fhz coming your way, installed some weight rings and cleaned the bearing. I forgot to throw in some extra pads but the one in it is pretty decent (not a friction sticker but a real pad)

Wow, sorry to hear that Sammy. It really sucks when a good person does something they wouldn’t normally. Hope everything goes the best it can.

Alcohol was legalized after prohibition in the early 20th Century because

  1. It was easy enough to get alcohol anyways
  2. The people providing the alcohol were the crime bosses. This led to a rise in organized crime, which led to gangs. Do to these issues, it was later repealed.

Man… That stinks Sammy… I hope that you will be able to straighten out your life and start living a great one! You’re in my prayers man. :slight_smile: Wow, I love our community, people giving away yoyos all the time, what nice people!

About the alcohol becoming legal thing: Alcohol can actually be good for you. You just have to have temperance. A lot of doctors actually recommend you to have a glass of wine every night to ease the nerves. It really helps. (Well it does for my mom haha)… But, drinking to much alcohol inhibits your choices and they aren’t really you making the choices… That’s why it’s not that great to get drunk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya ill be good, im not worried about goin to jail, its just borin cause all you do is eat sleep read and poop really hahaha. But yea we do live and learn, gotta work what you got, i plan on havimg the time of my life (legally obviously) before i go back in. My buddy chris said he’ll keep money on my books so i can eat good. Im just glad ill be able to celebrate my bday (may 24th) this year, i was locked up for it last year. Like i said ima have good times. Goin floatin when it gets a lil warmer and fishin allll month long ooowww :)) thanks for all the good vibes guys!

heck yea man ive been wantin toget ahold of one of his mods!! Ooww! And thats cool we got a hobby lobby downtown im chill with the dude who owns it im sure he’ll hook me up with some stickers.

Aww, that really sucks. Hope all goes well and you don’t have to go to jail again. Can’t believe youve lost your avalanche. You shouldn’t of have given your last spare away ::slight_smile: Btw, my birthday is 4 days after yours :o

Hope all goes well man…

Stay strong brother and out of defeat can come triumph

Bye bye! Hope to see you soon! Ur awesome on the forums and I hope you come back ASAP! also sorry you got arrested by the way make more Yoyo string while your there for us!

Ill be alright guys, ill still be active on the forums, court is months away.

Just a word of advice to the kids. Be smart, not impulsive. Learn responsibilty, accountability, and integrity. Cause once you turn 18 lololol stuff gets reallllll!

I totally agree with you on that. I did all kinds of dirt when I was a teenager and never got caught. When I hit 19 it seemed like karma finally found me and it was one bad thing after another. Also when you get stuck in the web of this broken system its very hard to get out. In February I will finally be off probation which I have been on since I was 21. Im 27 now. The courts took a total of 1 year and some change and I will never get that back. Unless your a total idiot who’s only goal in life is to be a habitual inmate turn your life around when you have. A chance like when your under 18 cause once you hit that they will hit you with big boy time and you will see how important your freedom is and be reduced to crap eat sleep repeat.