Are any of my fellow throwers in recovery?

This linked picture is what I just posted in the “how did you start throwing?” Thread.
And it got me wondering if anyone else in the community have battled or are still battling problems with addiction. Or have used throwing in a therapeutic way to cope with mental illness. I know I always have a yoyo on me when I go to recovery meetings, and always recommend picking up a yoyo to newcomers, I have even given a few away. Being in recovery having a hobby is in my mind an absolute necessity. So I am just curious if anyone has found the same solace in throwing that I have. And I know this is a touchy subject “it could even get deleted” but addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, I would love to hear from anyone who has input, or if you would rather not post in public feel free to PM me, I would love to hear from you. ;D

im still battling with addiction and mental fudgyness…but with throwing im able to find some of myself again in what i love to do, ive been throwing for like 18months now and ive gotten so much better with my addiction especially, ivve been addicted to certain things for years now, and since i started throwing its declined 10fold but there is of coursethat monkey on my back, due to surgery,physical and mental conditions its been very hard still to this day,to control and handle myself inn a appropriate fashion,i used to be an extremely depressed person with tons of alone time,to basically drown myself in w/e i could buy, but since this i use my money alil more productiively and my time as well. YoYoing has saved my soul and somewhat my brain. its given me skills to actually like myself again. as recovery goes…i have no insurance,so i have to pay for my meds outta poocket which is a bit of a breaker,but i ussed to have to do that and then buy w/e i could to get myself to stop from spinning out of control, but now i buy my meds and a throw and i get to watch something else spin out of control ;D ;D… YoYoing is the best thing to happen to me since i got to get out of the hospital. Whom ever the AAncient wonderman hat created our gyro friend, I truly thank him/her/them. and to all that have made sure that this wonderful item has survived and thrived through time to the point where it is now, i Thank all of them as well.

Ive only been throwing for alittle over three months and calms me down and relaxes me like nothing else has being sober. About 6 months ago I quit smoking weed wich is something I did for about 12yrs. I got in alot of trouble with CPS because of it and I still cant stay with my kids right now but its almost over with. One day I was at toys r us buying toys for them when I walked by a Maverick, I dont think Ive gone a full day without throwing since then. Since then Ive bought a Benchmark, the first of the SevenSummits and a Gradiant. My girl thinks theyre expensive but she likes the fact that its not pot and my kids love watching me throw.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital a lot during the past 5 years, probably 7 times, I can’t keep count. Multiple suicide attempts that are quite serious including jumping out of a building and overdosing on my prescription drugs. I however am at the best mental condition I’ve been since elementary school and I hope it stays that way or gets better. Although I’m at my best, I still get non-serious suicidal ideations every other week which is better than every other day that it used to be. I am taking quite a bit of medications, including a few anti-psychotics and bipolar medication. I see my psychiatrist every 2 months now and I am out of that damn hell hole (Group Home) now, thank God.

Guys, i have to say that when i first made this thread i really thought everyone would just shy away from it and it would slowly die. I can tell you how happy it makes me to see you guys open up shamelessly. And how much it means to me to know that i am not alone with my struggles in the community. If this forum is nothing else, it is a small step to break the stigma that comes with mental illness and addiction, and i truly thank everyone who shared.
P.S. Grinch … i knew i liked you for some reason ;D

I got a heart disease and mono…

Physical and metal disease are two totally different monsters. But i know from experience that Physical disease and strongly effect you mentally. So they really coincide.