How often do you get knots ??

I have only been yo-yoing for about 2 and half months and I am totally into it. Best thing ever. I’m currently learning some of the advanced tricks here on yoyo expert. If I mess up certain ones I get string knots. I would say I knot the string up at least a dozen times while throwing in a session. Is this normal ? I constantly have to untangle it and start fresh. Slack trapeze. Wrist mount - These do it to me. Is it common to always be getting knotted up ? Is this just part of the learning process ??

It’s part of the learning process like you said. You will slowly make less of the basic mistakes (hopefully) and be able to get out of common knots more quickly.

Yes I get knots a bunch too especially when practicing Green Triangle tricks.

But I get it out before it gets too tight.

Part of the process. I knot more when learning tricks, or doing “risky to me” moves like GT suicides

All the time, there are times when I’m learning tricks that I just pull the knot tight to get it smaller and keep playing. I’ll get multiple knots before I change a string sometimes when I’m learning or working on something.

Once a month or like every 10 seconds.

That is totally normal! I had knots almost every 15 minutes of throw time once I started some of the more advanced tricks like you are. It will get better over time as you continue along your journey of learning new tricks, making your own and getting more consistent in general. However I personally still get knots sometimes when practicing or making new tricks

last 4 days? oh i dunno, a couple hundred or so.

Until I finally figured it out… every time I tried a wrist mount! The knot I really hate is the one that wraps the axle and somehow sneaks under the loop…

Ahh that lil mind screw. I do not understand how it happend, but it did it to me last night. UNDER the loop, inside of itself? lol

Doesn’t happen much to me anymore. Happens less the better you get

I thought so too, then I deceded to punish myself by learning both


Oh such knots. hahaa

Depends on your trick too. Some tricks are less risky to get knots.
That being said I’ve been yoyoing for like 8-9 years or so, still get a knot at least once every time I yoyo.

As this thread goes on, I feel I need to add a bit.
Simply when you first start all the skills in yoyoing are new. As you go you learn some basic moves and miss them less. If you get too a plateau then you will get very few knots, if you continue to advance and push yourself, and learn new mounts, transfers, ect, than you will continue getting knots at a fairly consistent rate, if you just do the same thing you have been for a long time, and add very few new elements too your skill repertoire you will get near too no knots. Then there is the factor of your aptitude, and focus while playing.

Thanks for the input ! Makes sense. As I perfect the tricks I know I get them less, then when I’m learning new ones I get them again. Part of the game.

Haha. I got a knot just watching!

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i don’t always get a knot when i’m trying to learn P.A.O.B.R.S , but when i do, i usually have to just
throw the string away…