Am I considered a thrower now?


I have finally hit myself in the head with my yo yo for the first time. I’m just grateful that it’s a plastic one. This is like, an initiation right, right?

Knots suck. >.>


It depends on whether or not you drew blood.

Seriously, though, you are most certainly a thrower. I’d say you became one the minute you picked up a yoyo and thought, “I like this and will continue to do it!”.

Knots do suck, but after a few months you’ll be fantastic at tying and untying them. That experience may come in handy if you ever find yourself stranded on a boat, you know!


No blood drawn, but I’m sure that that’ll happen in due time.


Strings are cheap… Get one knot, oh well, just play with it, 2 knots, its still doable, 3 knots… Strings are cheap, replace it… I mean… That’s my system xD

Now that’s just if I cant untie a knot in 30 seconds to a minute :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, first nut shot. I’m taking a break. :-X

(DOGS) #6

I ought to have become a thrower years ago but I’ve gotten behind on the paperwork.


Wait till you get a metal… :wink:


Haha, I remember one of my first yoyo string had like 20 knots in it XD
I showed it to a yoyoer, he just took it, threw it away and gave me his because he couldn’t stand it , lol


Wait, you still play(ed) with knots in your string? I instantly remove them as soon as I notice them.


Yea, that’s how I was when I first started throwing and didnt have any of my own money… But now I have an allowance and I mow lawns in my neighborhood for money :stuck_out_tongue: one lawn can get me 100 strings and then some so yea :smiley:


Hey, some people are lazy ok? :smiley:


If you can take them out with your fingers, great! But some are too tight, so you can’t. I play with 1 knot, but once I get two, I undo them with a toenail clipper XD I have one only for strings… Lol, I know it weird :smiley:


I do this quite often. As long as it’s not a knot around the bearing, I’ll just keep playing.


I bought 100 strings right off that bat. To remove tight knots, I’ve been using a pair of tweezers. It’s worked quite nicely for me thus far.


Hmmm… I got hit in the head three times in one week. That was fun.


I usually don’t get knots in my string much anymore, but every now and then I get one around the bearing on those random ones you get when you bind weirdly. those I pick with a sewing needle.

edit: also took a duncan metal zero to the face 30 minutes before i left to club two months ago. painful and horrible idea trying horizontal on a zero


Does anyone else feel like an absolute ninja when they dodge a yoyo that’s about to make a dent in their face?


Omg yes, I do that all the time! Like I’ve littersly done that like 20 times, when I throw a breakaway and have a knot (the type where you can’t throw it) and I dodge it allllll the time. After those, I get scared to throw it hard…


Yea, i dont know how the yoyo miraculously gets knotted just short enough to not hit my face 95% of the time :o


Oh man I hate it when I bind and somehow I get a know.