I don’t know why but my New Breed always gets knots. None of my other throws do. How do I stop getting knots? Like it wraps round the bearing so I can’t do tricks.

It just takes practice before you stop getting them. It might be the tricks that you are doing on just the new breed, some yoyos seem to make you want to try more high risk tricks than others. I have not experienced a certain yoyo getting more knots than another just because of the yoyo, it is just the yoyoer. Not to sound harsh.

I do the same tricks on all my yoyos. I think its called snagging. I’m pretty new to yoyoing so I’m not sure how to say it.

I used to get those wraps all the time when I first started and now it is hardly ever, so it just takes practice, you will eventually not get them no where near as much.

that tends to happen if you bind backwards try binding on the opposite side of the string to what ur used to

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