Binding help

ok I can bind but about half the time it it knots, well not really not but gets tangled on itself. Do I just need to practice more or am i doing something wrong?

Its not supposed to happen that often.

What kind of bind are you doing?

Check string tension, make sure you are doing a backspin bind, and try using a smaller loop. All of these are common fixes to common problems that other people have made topics for.

If you know the plastic whip you canbind from that when I do that there are no knots

What you’re referring to are “Snags”.  The same thing happened to me when I started out, but after some practice binding will be a natural move.  Use smaller loops, like Brian said.  Another thing to remember is that faster spinning yoyos tend to snag easier so you can try slowing it a bit down.
Consider checking out my little guide.  Tons of vids I found:

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Just wondering what yoyo are you using?? Also, the reason it is getting tangled may be because when you bind the loop around your non-throwhand is too big. You want it to be small but not too small the bind slips. Hope it helped! :wink: