How not to fix stripped threads (officially renamed)

Got this in a BST and knew I could bring it back to life. The axle had been badly stripped out, no threads left. I have done this trick on other yoyo’s but not a Chief. I tapped new threads for a much beefier axle, a 10 32, ran to Home Depot to get a set screw the rite length, installed new snow tires and a new concave bearing. A quick polish and she’s good as new. 2SickYoYos uses the same size axle 10 32, I like it much better than the 4 0.7 and 8 32, less of a chance of bent axle’s or even stripping. Well any way here is the before during and after.


Now the finished product.

that looks very good… i enjoy looking at your work

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Hand tap…

No need to use the lathe, the hole was already there and it self guided, if i was to drill i would have used the lathe

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So a tap always goes in straight since there’s a pilot hole?

The front of the tap is tapered for just that pupose. As long as the pilot hole is streight and the rite size yes. Ive tapped new holes in engine heads for hele coils and yes by hand.

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Like I said before it got deleted.

I cringe at some of the information here.

And what information might that be that makes you cringe?

Hand tapping automatically goes in straight due to pilot hole.

Let’s take a look at this real quick.

Taps have thread limits when tapping a blind hole like your chief, even on a bottoming tap. So your taper from the tap doesn’t start threading till its in a ways. Couple that with a short blind hole and doing it by hand is sketchy at best, regardless of what you’ve tapped before.

Do it right or don’t do it!

I opted not to use a bottoming tap as the axle was only 12mm instead of 16mm, i didn’t see the need to dig out my lathe, the end result was the same, been hand tapping for years. If i screwed it up no harm no foul. Your acting like this is your yoyo. Take a chill pill dude. This is not a instructional thread i started. You should concentrate your energy on other things instead of criticism like starting your own forum on how to properly maintain a yoyo, i think that would be more productive and a good idea. Just sayin.

I picked up throwing after a long hiatus, my wife of 26 years is dying, slowly losing her ability to walk, talk, think and take care of herself from Huntingtons disease and messing around with yoyos i find enjoyment in and its something i can do in my home while i have to take care of her. Im sorry you dont approve of my methods but its not your approval i seek. This to me is relaxing and enjoment nothing more, call it therapy.

Looks good! But how smooth is it now? I question the preciseness of hand-tapping; but if it works, it works!

End result was not the same years decades or centuries. Every time someone puts the slacker way of doing it on these “forums” one of the kids wind up trying it with less than ideal results.

People can’t unscrew or change out a bearing here without forty million questions about it let alone hand tap the threads they just massacred.

Open invitation to failure.

I’ll give you my opinion anytime I please. Just like you can put up hand tapped pictures. Open forums baby!

And quite frankly, most of them don’t even know what a tap is, let alone even have one or have any clue where to get one, so it’s not really an issue.

Unless there’s a picture of one sticking in a yoyo halve.

Not really scooter-mcgavin’s responsibility to worry about or care about whether a kid sees this idea and thinks it’s great or not.

The proof is in the pudding: it worked. It has worked for him successfully for years, on parts requiring similar levels of precision. Hand taps are a thing. A thing that can be used.

I think the opposite end of the spectrum is equally harmful to the youth that we’re trying to “protect” here: “To do a job, you need expensive equipment, years of experience, and utmost precision.” Why scare off young people willing to experiment … even if they might fail in that experiment? Who ever got anywhere by being told they had to have everything “just so” to make an attempt at something?

I used to see this in the luthier forums. People obsess over the right way to fit a neck… the perfect way to inlay their fretboards. The tidiest way to wire their pickups… how to get a perfect mirror finish (you are a blasphemer if you dare paint a guitar with rattle cans!)… etc. And finished projects are few and far between. The majority of the finished ones are by people who weren’t too precious about it.

And every now and then a newcomer arrives and says, “Look what I built… it’s a bit rough coz I only had a screwdriver, a chisel, and some rattlecans”… and their guitar is a small piece of glory that makes the “gotta get all my ducks in a row before I even try to make a guitar!” crowd realize what they’re doing wrong.


You lay down with dogs you come up with fleas

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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Playability? Just as smooth as my other chief. Could i have used my drill press and vice? Yes. Could i have used my lathe tail stock and chuck? Sure.

I will repost and re thread using the “proper meathod” for rethraeding a blind hole with a bottoming tap on my lathe re chasing my threads. So next time anyone strips out thier 20, 50, 100 dollar throw they can go out and get a $500 setup to fix it.

I stated in the beginning that i do this for my own personal pleasure, i dont offer my service, i dont sell what i fix and i never claimed to be an expert. But my methods work. In the future i should put a disclaimer in any of my posts. Haha


Does that come with a free toaster??