How much dust does your yoyo have :P

So i’ve noticed that certain yoyos like to accumulate lots of dust, but none more than CLYW return tops. Does anybody else have this happen to them :slight_smile: Here are some pics of my dusty yoyos, feel free to post pics of yours!

My CLYW AC was terrible. Inside of the double rims can’t be cleaned without something small enough to get in there.

q tip will fit in it take is how i clean my chief and all my clyw

Little to none.

Ive found that the tongue fits PERFECTLY into the double rim area or the IRG of a yoyo. And ive realized, dust doesnt taste half bad!


Get one of these amazing things…

I use it for literally EVERYTHING, no need for compressed air cans anymore!

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I just use a water soaked, cotton tshirt to get into the rims on CLYW’s for cleaning. When it’s wet you can bunch it small enough to get in there and run it around. I’ve found that most of them need a good cleaning immediately out of the box.

Other than that, I use a microfiber to give my throws a quick rub every now and again so they stay pretty clean. I also polish my coated throws periodically.

No offense to ANYONE who does this but licking a yoyo or cleaning it with your tongue is downright disgusting and a GREAT way to get all kinds of germs including herpes… Again no offense…

I use a paper towel with windex on it… Just squish it up a bit and it fits fine between the rims…


Yup…no tongue action here for more reasons than one. I use a damp Q-tip also on the CLYWs to get between that rim area. Otherwise a damp clean cloth and/or Windex depends on how much use the yo-yo has had. If I get a throw from BST, I Windex it before it goes in my case.



There’s nothing wimpy about avoiding herpes. That’s serious business.


You are wise beyond your years!!!

Warning! entering PG-13 section of the internet!!

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Around the rims my Di Base and stack less PGM it’s hard to get that dirt out!

herpes is not pg-13 herpes is a serious matter, anyways a q-tip and some winding should get the dust of the yoyo

He is talking about something transmitted through your mouth from a yo-yo, there is no PG-13 warning necessary here. There is more than one kind of that virus. :o Now let’s go back on topic of the dust the OP asked about…we have all veered off momentarily. Abby and sushi got us back on track as I was writing this…thanks guys.

CLYW double rims get a crazy amount of dust… even more so i think is the yoyos with the cut shape ( dont know what its actually called), like the avant garde or cliff and glacier express. I remember with my facade, I would take a q-tip and get this gross brown stuff. Im assuming its a combo of dust and grime from my hands. Nasty stuff.

I play with them…

It can still show up :stuck_out_tongue: My 888x has some serious dust issues right around the inner rim.


I ment, I don’t clean out the dust I just it leave there.