How long have you been throwing?

Since the summer of 2015 but “seriously” since 2018.

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I yoyoed for around a year during the yoyo boom back in 4th grade. Not sure why I quit, it very well could of been because of Pokemon. I found my old yomegas last October after being untouched for 20+ years. I messed with trying to learn to trapeze with those for way too long. Finally got a YYF whip last November.

I’d say seriously into yoyoing just under a year if you don’t count the year when I was in 4th grade.


I was another 90s boom player, stopped, then bought an unresponsive in late 2012. I learned to bind, then some bad work/life stuff happened and I forgot about it. I picked it back up March? 2021. So, lots of cycles like other folks.

Definitely planning to stick with it this time, it’s been a perfect hobby for having a new kid. Short bursts, and she’s fascinated with watching it.