How long do your looping yoyos sleep?

I’m using the loop720 Evan Nagao newest edition. These come with purple spacers. I heard that Purple spacers are slightly bigger than the old red spacers, hence give them longer sleeping time. However, I still think the sleeping time is kinda too short.

With around the world, It’s barely hit 3 full rounds. I’ve been timing the yoyos and I realized the sleeping time as bellow.

Max controllable sleeping time: 11s ( The yoyo just leans a little bit and still return when you tuck the string).
**Max sleeping time:**15.67s ( from 11s->15.67s it’s just too leaned to do any thing, then completely stop running at 15s).

The time above is the average from 16 times I used stop watch for both of two hands throws. And this result only comes when I changed the strings to Slim strings for looping already. If I use Normal string. The sleeping time would just be around 4-> 7s.

I read the review from a shop, and it happened to showed that the Blitzball yoyo get the sleeping time is 55s ( O.o) . I doubt that so I ordered one Blitzball to test it out.

But this still makes me curious what about other looping yoyo like:

-Yomega Raider?
-Loop2020? Loop900? Loop720 with different spacers?
-Duncan Hornet?


sleep time is nowhere near important for me when going for loopers. I’m regening every loop so I’m more interested in tight quick loops but that’s my preference. The beauty of looping yoyos is they have so many different fun options.


I thought sleeping time is important for loopers. Because if the yoyo sleep around 10s, and can only be stable around 7-8s, It’d be challenging to do wrap tricks. How do they do that?

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I’ve tried multiple different 2A yoyos.

Most if not all bearing loopers spin time are similar, they depend mostly on the setup and the player’s skill, not necessarily the throwing power. Yes the yoyo makes a difference, but not as big as the player do.

Assuming the yoyo is setup correctly, i.e it spins cleanly and you don’t hear gritty creaking sound of the string grinding the starburst (this is different to normal squeal of a less lubed bearing), the yoyo will spin plenty long. The key is to move very straight to the yoyo trajectory.

If you noticed with 1A, the cleaner your tricks are, the longer the yoyo will spin. Sloppy tricks slow the yoyo down very quickly because the string keeps pressing the wall one way or another (also causing it to tilt which you will then have to correct, further slowing the yoyo down). This also happens with loopers, except this is even more amplified because the yoyos are narrow, so there is not much room to clear the string before it hits the wall.

If you watch high level players do wraps, you will notice the wrapping yoyo is very very straight, that is the reason why the spin time seem impossibly long.


For setup, you can improve your spin time with thinner string and a drop of thin lube.

IIRC, purples are the same size as reds.

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