How long do 888s sleep for

about how how long do 888s sleep for?

Mostly depends on your throw, but easily around a few minutes.

Yes, anywhere from 0:30(with a really bad throw)-well, there is no maximun.

Okay. For everyone who’s asking, SLEEP TIME ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR THROW

But generally, it depends on your throw if you’re asking about the sleep time of a specific yoyo. No yoyo “sleeps” longer than the other, because yoyos don’t sleep. Only a person can make is sleep. :smiley:

IMHO, You will probably get your Dark Magic to sleep longer than an 888 (If they both have the same bearing). The DM has more rim-weight and it’s heavier, which are two key factors for a long spin (Once again, just my personal opinion).

But really, it just comes down to a good throw. With a good throw, you can get any ball-bearing yo to sleep over a minute.

Long enough for me to do my longest tricks on… three times.

Sleep time should not be a concern for you on any yoyo.

Ya, most begginers think sleep time is the only difference between a mosquito ans an 888.

The 09’ eight/8/eight, about 3 min. Hubsatcks are about 4 min. :slight_smile:

I can make 888s sleep for 5-6 mins. It depends on nothing but your throw.

I agree. I got my Dm to sleep longer than my old 888.

I have a pretty good throw but is the 888 smoother than the DM?

Yes, IMO.
If you can, try one out. I really like 888s, but you might not.
I remember when sleep time was the only important thing to me, and it is still very important. People will say that sleep times don’t matter. What they are trying to say is that they can’t tell you how long you will get it to sleep for.

Hope that makes sense.

Well, DMs, X-ConVict, X-Con, Speeder, etc… have something called a YYJ vibe, so any metal will likely be smoother(unless it dinged a lot).

Not my Vict, it has ZERO vibe.

I don’t agree. This is only with some, not all. All of mine have bean butter smooth from stock to beater.

Yes, but if you throw them at the same time and power, one will be longer than the other. So the yo-yo has to do something with it so one DOES sleep longer, but no one is “better” all around, you are getting confused… or I am.

so if i were to throw my ogopogo BvM and then throw the 888 with the exact throw would they sleep the same? and yes ikn that would be near impossible im just saying. or with the 888 being made differents with weight distrubution and such sleep longer

If only do sleeper, it can be up to 10mins…(use KK bearing)
it realdy depend on yr throw…
I can make a speeder/legacy sleep for 5mins without KK
while using KK…it too long that I get bored while counting the time…

Ya, most begginers think sleep time is the only difference between a mosquito ans an 888.

definetly not! 888s sleep waaaaay longer no matter what

Have you tested this? How would you even go about testing that unless you had a robot? What are the sleep times for both these yoyos? You should have some information to back up your statements next time. (Not trying to sound mean)