What is your longest sleeping yoyo

It depends more on the person throwing it.


Samad is right. He has a good point there. “Its not the yo, its the throw.” But I see your point. I’d say the eight/8/eight.

I can sleep my DM for about two minutes on a good throw, about the same with my PGM.

I can get a DM with a broken in YYJ bearing to sleep loncer than an 888, but it will depend on the thrower.

I bet I could get my 888 to sleep longer with a YYJ bearing. Want to have a contest? :slight_smile:

my dv888 can sleep longer than my pgm and xvict combined! no joke! my pgm can barley make it through one of my long combos i like to do. and my xvict could make it through my combo 1 and a half times! (with a kk) my dv888 can make it through my combo 3 times! the dv888 sleeps long due to weight, shape, ect. but it depends on the thrower. :wink:

(i heart dv888’s)

I have not timed my M1s. My best on the SpeedMaker is 2 mins.