DV888 sleep time


So I have a dv888 with a KK ceramic bearing and I get about 1:36 sleep time with a good throw. Is that normal? Seems a little low to me? Also comment your best sleep times!


Can you get through the tricks you want to get through? If yes, then the answer is “that’s more than enough sleep time to get you through your trick and/or combo”.

BTW, I just got over 3 minutes with the stock bearing. Maybe it’s your throw.

We have to remember, we sometimes are stabbing in the dark trying to address many problems through add-on purchases. A “better bearing” won’t help spin times if your throw is bad. A shaped bearing will only keep the string centered on a bad throw. The issue we’re ignoring is “we must improve our throw”. We also have to consider that perhaps the bearing in the yoyo isn’t the ideal bearing in that yoyo for that person. In other words, perhaps a ceramic KK isn’t the ideal bearing in that dv888 for you. But, without getting additional bearings(Trifecta, Buddha, KK, Terrapin X, CBC CenterTrac, AIC, Crucial Grooved, OD 10-Ball, YYE, YYJ Speed, YYF SPEC, whatever else), you won’t really know unless you have the capability to try stuff.

Really, how long have you been throwing? Is this dv888 new? Is the bearing itself new? You might need to break in the bearing. You might need to work on your throw. You might need to clean the bearing and then lube or treat it. It’s hard to say without knowing more. Here’s a kicker: Maybe you and the dv888 aren’t an ideal match, and so maybe you need something with a different shape/size/profile/width/diameter? Let’s throw out that last one for now as a main issue, but do keep it in mind.

For now, the main thing is to just keep playing it. If you can get through your combos and tricks, you’re fine. Don’t worry about it. Sleep times will improve with practice. I really don’t stress over sleep times. If I can get through my tricks and combos, I’m fine. If I can’t, typically the problem isn’t sleep times or spin times, it’s usually me having some sort of mechanical problem in my form and technique. I rarely blame the yoyo for my own incompetence.


I’ve only been throwing a few months so I don’t expect ridiculously long spin times, but I’ve just heard that the KK can spin for minutes on end and it seemed like a pretty decent throw ( paying much attention to technique). None the less, thanks for the advice.


Sleep time is 90% your throw and 10% equipment. Spending a lot of money on a ceramic kk and other items is wasted if your throw is not good.

That being said, a long sleep time does not translate to a long trick time as the dynamics of doing tricks takes its toll on spin time, as well as your ability to keep the yoyo and the string in the same plane during the trick routine.


I wish I had a dv888 to compare, but with my di-base and a flat bearing I just got about 3 minutes. With my stock enigma (it came with a curved bearing) I got over 7 minutes. I threw a couple of others, but they didn’t come close to the enigma.

I don’t have extensive knowledge of which yoyos or bearings are best for spin time, but if you’re getting a minute and a half after only a few months of throwing, you’re probably doing quite well. If the string is touching the wall and killing your sleep time, you should work on throwing straighter. If your string is centered then you probably just aren’t throwing that hard. Don’t worry too much about throwing a good sleeper, just practice tricks and you’ll naturally get better at throwing.

I don’t know anything about ceramic bearings, but as long as you haven’t lubed it, I would assume that it’s a fine bearing.

Edit: Stock YYF velocity, 1 min 24 sec. Ok, I’m done now.